About US

The Commission on Children and Youth is an appointed body of the Kitsap County Commissioners, with up to 24 representatives from education and schools, health and social service providers, juvenile justice and law enforcement, community leaders and non-profit organizations. The Youth Commission's charge is to:

Advise County Commissioners and residents on the needs of children, youth and families based on periodic assessments;

Facilitate coordination of information among agencies to maximize resources; and to

Advocate for an environment that fosters healthy, self-sufficient, responsible and productive children, youth and families.

In 1992, as a step towards improving state services for children, Washington State lawmakers officially established the Family Policy Council, charged with making social programs and policies more responsive to the needs of families. Community Public Policy Health and Safety Networks were established by the Legislature in 1994 - using Family Policy Principles - as a way to give communities a larger role by tackling their own social problems. The Commission on Children and Youth became the local Community Public Health and Safety Network for Kitsap County in August of 2000: The Youth Commission supports activities that increase the capacity for the community to build developmental assets among youth.


The four problem areas that the Youth Commission has targeted include:

Dropping out of School

Youth Substance Abuse

Youth Violence

Child Abuse and Neglect

Contact Us

Laura Hyde, Program Coordinator
(360) 337-4879 or lhyde@co.kitsap.wa.us

Hannah Shockley
Supervisor, Department of Human Services
(360) 337-7185 x 3530 or hshockle@co.kitsap.wa.us

Doug Washburn
Director, Department of Human Services