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Partners in Memory Care

​Each person with dementia is on their own journey. One may be in the early or later stages. Each person may progress differently with various needs along the way. Some will have family caregivers or other support. Others will need help and resources on where to go for support. The Dementia Action Collaborative was formed in 2016 with a commitment to prepare Washington state for the growing population of dementia. This group of public-private partners has put together resources for those experiencing dementia in their lives. Kitsap County also provides local resources and services through the Partners in Memory Care project.

Resources for Families and Individuals 

Consultation Services

The Partners in Memory Care project provides consultation services to Kitsap residents and their caregivers to address challenging behaviors and stress associated with aging, and mild-to-major neurocognitive dementia disorders and memory impairment. It provides the flexibility to meet individuals, including caregivers, at a variety of locations in Kitsap County and provide information to better understand concerning behavior(s), discuss strategies, review medications, refer to resources and provide support to maintain a placement.

The Consultant has the flexibility to provide individualized consultation, training to facility staff, co-facilitate community educational workshops, connect families to existing community resources (collective impact), and expertise to existing ancillary agencies through a collective impact model. This includes referral to other services and programs provided by Kitsap Aging, Alzheimer's Association and other long-term care system partners.

Consultant services are funded through the local Kitsap County 1/10th of 1% treatment sales tax.     

Dementia Action Collaborative   

The Dementia Action Collaborative has published a Road Map to help those on the journey with dementia and their caregivers. This is a helpful resource for those navigating the journey.

More resources can be found on their website.

"Let’s Talk Dementia” Mini-Videos

Six brief videos featuring Washingtonians with dementia and their caregiver. They talk about the value of early diagnosis and give suggestions for living well with dementia.
  1. I'm still me
  2. No regrets
  3. What is the harm in finding out?
  4. Tips from Washingtonians who are living well with dementia
  5. Tips for family and care partners
  6. Creating more dementia-friendly communities
  7. All videos (combined)