Kitsap Coordinated Grant Application Process

Prior to 2012, the Affordable Housing Grant Program (AHGP) and Homeless Housing Grant Program (HHGP) had independent grant cycles.  Starting in 2012, grant awards for both programs became part of the Kitsap Coordinated Grant Application Process.  Funds are obtained through an imposed surcharge on document recording fees of real property, dedicating funding to low-income and very-low income individuals.

​Affordable Housing Grant Program (AHGP)

Formally called the '2060 Low-Income Housing Grant Program' or the 'Affordable Housing for all Grant Program'

 Substitute House Bill 2060 became law in Washington State on June 13, 2002.  The law created a document recording fee on certain documents to be utilized for low-income housing.  Administration of the fund is shared between local governments and the State.  The local portion of SHB 2060 funds is to be administered pursuant to an inter-local agreement between Kitsap County and the Cities within the County.

The four Kitsap cities (Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Poulsbo) and Kitsap County agreed to implement the legislative requirements through a county-wide program, managed by Kitsap County.

Affordable Housing Grant Programs (AHGP) funds are locally collected funds that are used to fulfill the mandates of the Affordable Housing For All legislation (SHB 2060, and subsequent legislation that amends SHB 2060). Grant funds are collected through a surcharge on a document recording fees.  The grant funds must be used to create and support affordable housing.

Homeless Housing Grant Program (HHGP)

Formally called the '2163 Homeless Housing Grant Program' or the 'Homeless Housing Assistance Act Grant Program'

In 2005, the Washington State Legislature passed Engrossed Second Substitue House Bill 2163, the homeless Housing and Assistance Act. This Legislation set a statewide goal of reducing homelessness by 50% in 10 years.

The ESSHB 2163 legislation provides a funding source for homeless housing grant program through an additional surcharge on document recording fees.  Subsequent legislation has increased the amount of the surcharge. As of April 2011, approximately 60% of the funds collected are distributed through local homeless grant programs.  Grants are to be distributed for programs that directly accomplish the goals of the Homeless Housing Plan.

In addition to requirements at the state level, the legislation contains requirements for each country regarding countywide planning and data collection and reporting.