​Coordinated Grant Application Process

2020 Grant Cycle News

The Board of County Commisissioners approved the policy plans at the regularly scheduled meeting on April 22nd, 2019, following public hearing. The approved policy plans are below.

The Coordinated Grant Application Process for 2020 funding will include several different funding rounds, unlike previous years. Applications will continue to be submitted through Fluid Review and funding recommendations will be subject to a public process as outlined in the Policy Plans.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) & HOME Investment Partnership (HOME)

CDBG and HOME funds will be allocated through two different Requests for Proposals (RFPs). The first RFP will be in partnership with the City of Bremerton for Affordable Housing. The second RFP will be for Rehabilitation of Housing and Economic Development. CDBG Public Service funds have already been awarded for 2019 & 2020. The schedule for CDBG & HOME is available here. Additional information, including the Policy Plan and RFP notices, will be posted to this site as they become available.

Homeless Housing Grant Program (HHGP), Affordable Housing Grant Program (AHGP), Consolidated Homeless Grant Program (CHGP).

New for 2020 -- Grant opportunities for 2020 funding will be available in several ways, depending on the type of funding and the project.

Consolidated Homeless Grant (CHG) funds will be distributed through three RFPs for specific programs that are governed by the Department of Commerce policies and uses of funds:

• Housing and Essential Needs
• CHG Rental Assistance and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
• Coordinated Entry Program

The CHG RFPs are available at this link (until the deadline for submission on 4/16/19).

Emergency Shelters (that have received past funding through the Homeless Housing Grant Program) will apply for funding through an RFP process, and will contract on a fee for service basis with a performance-based contract. The schedule for this RFP process is available here. A Shelter RFP Bidders Meeting/Technical Assistance Training will be held on 5/29/19 from 11am – 12pm and is required for all respondents to the RFP.

All other Homeless Housing and Services will apply for funding through a similar competitive grant application process as in prior years. The application schedule for the 2020 Cycle is available here. A Technical Assistance Training will be held on 5/29/19 from 9am – 11am. The Technical Assistance Training is required for new applicants and optional (but recommended), for applicants who have applied in the 2019 cycle.

2019 Grant Cycle News

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Kitsap County utilizes a single competitive grant application process each year to determine funding awards for the following:


Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Home Investment Partnership (HOME) funds


Homeless Housing Grant Program (HHGP)

Affordable Housing Grant Program (AHGP)

Consolidated Homeless Grant (CHG) funds


Schedule & Policy Plans

Important dates are published in the Application Schedule which is updated each year.  Additional information on who can apply for funds, what kinds of activities are eligible, and regulatory requirements can be found in the Policy Plans.  The estimated amount of funds available are published in the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA).


Application Cycle & Evaluation

Each year the application cycle awards funds for the following year.  Applications are reviewed and evaluated by staff and two Grant Recommendation Committees whose members are appointed by the mayors of each city and the Board of County Commissioners.


More Information

Learn more about the Homeless Housing and Affordable Housing programs.
Learn more about the Community Development Block Grant and Home Programs.

Contact Us

For information or to make further accommodations, please contact at least 48 hours in advance the following personnel:

Bonnie Tufts, Block Grant Programs Manager
360-337-4606 or btufts@co.kitsap.wa.us

Shannon Bauman, Block Grant Programs Analyst
360-337-7272 or sbauman@co.kitsap.wa.us

Kirsten Jewell, Housing and Homelessness Program Coordinator
360-337-7286 or kjewell@co.kitsap.wa.us


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