Olympic Workforce Development Council

Board Function and Purpose

      The Olympic Consortium Workforce Development Area serves the three-county region of Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap Counties. The Olympic Workforce Development Council and all staff are dedicated to the development of a workforce system that supports business, industry, and all levels of employers and job seekers. The Olympic Consortium is a hub for gathering and disseminating information about the area's labor market and business' employment needs. The OWDC is convening groups of businesses, collaborating with education and training providers, and researching, cultivating, and funding innovative solutions for workforce challenges. The Olympic Consortium Local Plan is a document detailing how the OWDC plans to coordinate with employers and job-seekers to grow the economy and train workers for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

 Executive Members

​Marilyn Hoppen - Chair
Aschlee Heiny - Vice Chair​
​Jessica Barr
Monica Blackwood​
Chuck Moe​​Cordi Fitspatrick


 Business Members

Kitsap County

Member Term
Marilyn Hoppen, Kitsap Bank, SVP Human Resources11/12/2019 – 11/11/2022
Monica Blackwood, West Sound Workforce President and CEO02/21/2019 – 02/20/2022
Nicole Brinkman, Skookum09/10/2019 – 09/09/2022
Nicholas Gianacakos, General Dynamics NASSCO Program Manager02/17/2021 – 02/16/2024
Gregory Dronkert, Pacific Mobility Group, Inc.09/10/2019 – 09/09/2022
Lisa Donlon, Windermere Commercial General Manager02/17/2020 – 02/16/2023
Gillian Niuman, People Support Services Human Resources02/17/2020 – 02/16/2023

Jefferson County

Cordi Fitzpatrick, Port Townsend Paper Co. Human Resource Manager 04/22/2020 – 04/21/2023
Heidi Lamprecht, Pialla House03/30/2019 – 03/29/2022

Clallam County

Morgan Snell, Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe11/12/2019 – 11/11/2022
Allison Plute, Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe Human Resource Director10/24/2020 – 10/23/2023
Danny Steiger, Lumber Trades CEO10/10/2019 – 10/09/2022
Peter Johnson, McKinley Paper Company Human Resource Manager06/15/2020 – 06/14/2023


 Economic Development

Colleen McAleer, Team Clallam Executive Director
09/10/2019 – 09/09/2022


 Education K – 12

Greg Lynch, Olympic Education Services District #114 Superintendent09/11/2021 – 09/10/2024
Kareen Borders, South Kitsap School District04/10/2021 – 04/09/2024


 Education Postsecondary

Dr. Luke Robins, Peninsula College President11/21/2020 – 11/20/2023
Dr. Marty Cavalluzzi, Olympic College President10/22/2018 – 10/21/2021



Rusty Grable, Machinist Union District 160 08/16/2021 – 08/15/2024
Chuck Moe, Northwest Laborers – Employers Training09/11/2021 – 09/10/2024
Neal Holm, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers12/12/2019 – 12/11/2022


 Public Employment Service

Aschlee Heiny, Department of Veterans Affairs Human Resources09/11/2021 – 09/10/2024
Jessica Barr, Washington State Employment Security Dept. Regional Director11/12/2019 – 11/11/2022


 State Vocational Rehabilitation

LeAnne Raines, M.M Department of Vocational Rehabilitation05/08/2018 – 05/07/2021


 Public Assistance

Gina Lindal, Department of Social and Health Services Administrator02/11/2019 – 02/10/2022


 Community Based Organizations

Michell Graff, Kitsap Community Resources
12/12/2019 – 11/12/2022
Ashley Jackson, Naval Base Kitsap08/20/2020 – 08/19/2023
Jeff Randal, Jefferson PUD Secretary District 109/10/2019 – 09/09/2022


 Ex Officio Members

Kevin Gallacii, Clallam Transit System General Manager01/15/2020 – 01/15/2023


 At-Large Members

Brian Kuh
Seth White04/2022
David McMahon09/2023
Venus Km-Rw09/2022
Janel Mcfest04/2022
Anna Reyes Potts

Meeting Times
Meetings are held quarterly on the second Tuesday in February, May, September and November from 9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. 

Due to Covid-19 Meetings are held via Zoom from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. with committee meetings from 9:00 a.m. to 9:50 a.m.

The location of this meeting rotates between counties, see agenda packet for exact location.


2021 Agenda Packets

Tuesday, February 9
Tuesday, May 11
Tuesday, September 14
Tuesday, November 9

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Alissa Durkin, Interim Director of Olympic Workforce Development Council

Local EO Officer


Luci Bench, Program Analyst Supervisor


Doug Washburn, Kitsap County Human Services Director


Hannah Shockley, Kitsap County Human Services Supervisor