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 The Olympic Consortium Workforce Development Area serves the three-county region of Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap Counties. The Olympic Workforce Development Council and all staff are dedicated to the development of a workforce system that supports business, industry, and all levels of employers and job seekers. The Olympic Consortium is a hub for gathering and disseminating information about the area's labor market and business' employment needs. The OWDC is convening groups of businesses, collaborating with education and training providers, and researching, cultivating, and funding innovative solutions for workforce challenges. The Olympic Consortium Local Plan is a document detailing how the OWDC plans to coordinate with employers and job-seekers to grow the economy and train workers for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

​Members and Staff​Representing​Term
​Monica Blackwood​Business​2/21/19 - 2/20/22
​Randy Colson​Business​2/17/17 - 2/16/20
​Aschlee Drescher, Vice Chair​Business​2/17/17 - 2/16/20
​Kelly Fox​Business​2/17/17 - 2/17/20
​Kevin Gallacci​Business​1/15/17 - 1/15/20
​Julie Hatch​Business​8/19/16 - 8/18/19
​Marilynn Hoppen​Business​9/17/18 - 9/16/21
​Heidi Lamprecht​Business​3/30/17 - 3/29/20
​Allison Plute​Business​10/24/17 - 10/23/20
​Anna Reyes Potts​Business​10/24/17 - 10/23/20
​Kristi Cary​Business​5/8/18 - 5/7/21
​Felix Vicino​Business​5/22/18 - 5/21/21
​Matthew Wheelus​Business​2/17/17 - 2/16/20
​Anna Whinney​Business​10/24/17 - 10/23/20
​John Powers​Economic Development​1/18/16 - 11/20/20
Vacant​Economic Development
​Brian Kuh​Economic Development​11/7/18 - 11/6/21
​Greg Lynch​Education​9/11/18 - 9/10/21
​Lisa Heaman​Education​11/21/17 - 11/20/20
​Dr. Luke Robins​Education​11/21/17 - 11/20/20
Dr. Marty Cavalluzzi​Education10/22/18 - 10-21-21
​David McMahan​Labor ​9/11/18 - 9/10/21
​Chuck Moe​Labor​1/8/18 - 1/7/21
​Bob Zindel​Labor​2/13/18 - 2/12/21
​Jeff Cartwright​Public Employment​10/24/17 - 10/23/20
​Robin Hake​Public Employment​11/21/17 - 11/20/20
​Margaret Hess​Public Employment​2/13/18 - 2/12/21
LeAnne Raines​Vocational Rehabilitation3/1/2018 - 3/1/21
Gina Lindal​Public Assistance​2/11/19 - 2/10/22
​Vacant​Community Based Organization
​Jim McKenna​Member At-Large
​Sara Hatfield​Member At- Large
​Laura Ryser​Member At- Large
​Janel Mcfeat​Member At-Large
​Meilana A. Charles​Member At-Large
​David Hankinson​Member At-Large


Meeting Times
Meetings are held quarterly on the second Tuesday in February, May, September and November from 9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

The location of this meeting rotates between counties, see agenda packet for exact location.


 2018 Agenda Packets

Tuesday, February 12
Tuesday, May 14
Tuesday, September 10
Tuesday, November 12

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