OWDC Local Integrated Workforce Plan


PURPOSE: The OWDC leads regional workforce efforts, dedicated to the development and implemtnation of inovative workforce systems, with a focus on community prosperity and econmic well-being.

MISSION: Utilizing locally relevant data to empower iinnovative and agile workforce strategies; we focus on developing community prosperity, one job seeker and one employer at a time.

VISION: Achieveing economic prosperity and exceeding the expectations of jobseekers and employers by providing data driven solutions and innovative strategies for workforce challenges.


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Responsive  |  Trustworthy  |  Productive  |  Respectful

Good Stewardship  |  Employment  |  Customer Centric

 2020-2024 Plan

The Olympic Workforce Development Council (OWDC) is comprised of businesses, labor representatives, public sector leaders, education and training providers. In conjunction with the Olympic Consortium Board, comprised of our three-county Commissioners, the OWDC staff collaborated to develop a local plan that align programs and services with the needs of our regional industry sectors, driving economic development and job growth.

To ensure a cohesive local plan, OWDC staff presented a draft plan to a panel of 5 OWDC members for their review and feedback on February 11, 2020. Feedback was incorporated into the draft plan and released for a 30-day public comment period.

Following the public comment period, the plan was presented to the Olympic Consortium Board for approval and submission to Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board on April 17, 2020.

On May 12, 2020, OWDC executive director received acknowledgement letter of Olympic Consortium's local plan submission. 

Olympic Consortium Local Integrated Workforce Plan for 2020-2024

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​Strategic Workforce Development Plan:

Check out the slide deck from our council meeting on July 13th. 

(Timeline will be updated as necessary.)