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A Behavioral Health Ombuds is Available to Assist You

Bridges Ombuds Service
Serving Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap Counties
360-692-1582 Toll Free: 1-888-377-8174

What is the Ombuds service?

The State of Washington has established an independent Ombuds service to receive complaints and grievances from publicly funded behavioral health clients.  Complaints may be made by clients, their family members or others.


What Is The Purpose?

The Ombuds receives complaints concerning quality of service and client satisfaction and assists in resolving them quickly and confidentially.  The Ombuds' primary goal is to help providers and clients work together to ensure dignified, quality service.


Who Is Eligible?

Residents of Clallam, Jefferson and Kitsap Counties who are eligible to receive, or are receiving, publicly funded behavioral health services may use the Ombuds service.  Concerns or questions from family members and other interested parties may also be directed to the Ombuds.


Are There Fees?

There are no fees associated with this service.


What Can The Ombuds Do For Me?

· Listen to your problem, as it pertains to services at the publicly funded behavioral health agency.

· Analyze what is involved and help you determine an appropriate solution.

· Investigate facts, records, laws, policies and procedures.

· Provide assistance in resolving the problem on an informal level, if possible.

· Assist you in the complaint and grievance process.  And, if necessary, follow through to see that the complaint is resolved and that you are kept informed of the process.

· Provide information on resources and client rights.

· Recommend changes to correct a problem or prevent future occurrences.

· Maintain confidentiality.


What Can't The Ombuds Service Do?

· Provide behavioral health counseling or case management services.

· Obtain information on your behalf without your written consent.

· Ensure any specific outcome.

· Give legal advice or act as your attorney.

· Enforce a recommendation.


What Can You Do To Help The Ombuds Resolve Your Concern Or Complaint?

· Be prepared to tell the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN of the problem.

· Supply any written information you may have to the Ombuds.

· Consider what would be a fair resolution.  What is it you want from the provider?

· Keep the Ombuds informed of how you can be helped and where you can be reached.