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​The completion of the West Kingston bridge project is delayed until March 2018. The road will remain closed until construction is complete.

The delay is due to numerous issues and challenges, including encountering old buried wooden pilings and associated contaminated material, a revised sanitary sewer design, and labor and materials shortages, which disrupted the construction schedule. The onset of the winter weather months will also add to the delay as final work on the project, such as paving, depends on fair weather.

Kitsap County and the contractor, Redside Construction, recognize the inconvenience this delay may cause and are working closely together to assure the project moves forward to completion in March.

The new West Kingston bridge project replaces a small culvert with a two-span, 150-foot bridge, restores tidal function in the Carpenter Creek Estuary, enhances fish passage, and widens the stream channel. There are many safety benefits of the project as well, including wider travel lanes, street illumination, a five-foot pedestrian sidewalk and a five-foot bike lane on the north side.

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