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West Kingston Road now scheduled to open by April 303/9/2018

The new bridge and improved roadway on West Kingston Road are now scheduled to open April 30. The major construction project is replacing a five-foot diameter culvert with a 150-foot, two-span bridge that will restore full tidal exchange in the upper reaches of the Carpenter Creek estuary.

Kitsap County Public Works has been working closely with the contractor to evaluate remaining work to be completed and secured a commitment to finish construction by the end of April. The roadway will open sooner if traffic is able to move safely and effectively through the area.

"We apologize for the further disruptions this project has caused the community, especially to the students and staff at the schools and our local emergency responders," said Kitsap County Commissioner Rob Gelder. "Our goal is for the work to be done and done well. We place a huge amount of trust in our contractors to deliver on time. I'm personally disappointed that the timeline has slipped again. "

The contractual required completion date is March 19, but the contractor will not meet it. As a result, the County will assess liquidated damages of $3,081 per working day until construction is complete. The original contract schedule was based on the complexity of the work and its environmentally sensitive area, as well as the 'fish window' – dates when in-water work is restricted.

"Every project has challenges, but this project has been exceptional," said Tina Nelson, senior manager for Kitsap County Public Works. "We're disappointed they are unable to complete the work in the time frame provided. Once work is complete, we'll conduct a thorough review of the delay. Our priority now is getting the bridge completed and the roadway open."

Although the bridge approach slabs and new roadway are not yet complete, the new bridge structure is in place, allowing the estuarial flow to return to a natural state. New lighting, resurfacing and expanded pedestrian and bike lanes will improve safety along the road.

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