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Pursuant to GR 29 the Kitsap County Superior and District Courts, and the Courthouse building, will close October 11, 2018 to facilitate comprehensive courthouse security training for all building occupants. All other County offices and buildings are operating on normal schedules October 11.

There will be no public access to the Courthouse and no public services available in the Courthouse for the entire day. Follow the link for a copy of the Superior and District Courts' Administrative Order.

Closure of the Courthouse on October 11, 2018 shall be construed as a non-judicial day as prescribed under Article 4, Section 6 of the Washington State Constitution, RCW 2.08.030 and RCW 3.30.040.

Please forward any questions you may have to Frank Maiocco in the Superior Court or Clint Casebolt in the District Court. Thank you for planning accordingly.


Contacts:  Frank Maiocco, Court Administrator, Superior Court, or 360.337.3305 or Clint Casebolt, Court Administrator, District Court, or 360.337.4959

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