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History of roads highlighted in first chapter of story 5/15/2019

(Port Orchard, WA) - Kitsap County Public Works released the first chapter in a three-part series that looks at the County-maintained road system at The story starts with the first road built in 1857 and follows the expansion of the road system up to present time.

"It's incredible to learn how our County road system has developed over the past 160 years," said Jon Brand, Kitsap County Engineer. "What we take for granted today is the result of the investment of hard work, time, materials, and funding by the community leaders of Kitsap County." 

The second chapter, coming by early June, looks at innovations in the road system, our work to preserve the existing road system, and how road construction and maintenance are funded. As transportation needs increase, new technology and new engineering ideas continue to change our road system, and how we maintain it.

The third chapter looks at the future of the County's road system. The costs required to maintain our current road system are rising faster than revenues. Funding available for road improvements, safety and capacity projects is being depleted. This chapter looks at the challenge to continue to maintain and improve our roads, and ways to address future funding.  "If we wish to be ready for the next generation, we need to continue to invest today to sustain the system for the future," Brand added. 

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