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Public Works calls are a prank5/31/2019

Officials with Kitsap County Public Works are advising residents to hang up on calls claiming they are Public Works employees planning work in their yard. "We started receiving calls from residents around 1 yesterday afternoon," said Doug Bear, Public Communications Manager. 

Residents reported that the caller identified himself as Bob Doblina of Kitsap County Public Works and informed them of work planned on their property. Here's an example of the work the caller described:

  • We're going to be digging a 6ft hole in your yard on Monday. There was money left in a budget and someone needed to learn how to dig a hole
  • We'll be parking a truck in front of your business for 2 weeks to repair a pothole.
  • Your address on Clear creek Rd is being changed to Cannabis Way
  • We're installing a cell tower at the end of your driveway
  • We're going to be parking in front of a residence in Silverdale for 2 weeks for a pothole repair
  • We're going to be marking your yard tomorrow to dig 3 ft on Monday  
The caller is spoofing The Silverdale Chamber of Commerce phone number. The Chamber is working with their provider to resolve the issue. This type of spoof has happened with other public service providers in the past. 

Residents are advised to hang up on the caller. If you have questions about calls from Public Works, please call Kitsap1 at 360.337.5777 to verify the information.

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