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Timber harvesting underway at Kitsap County's Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park2/26/2021

Timber harvesting got underway Feb. 26 in Kitsap County’s Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park and will continue through June 2021, depending on weather conditions and operational constraints. Rayonier will conduct the harvesting and related activities inside park boundaries. Rayonier maintains timber harvesting rights for portions of the heritage park through 2042, which was integral to the county purchasing the property. 

Kitsap County Parks is aware of the impact timber harvest activity has on recreational activities and will provide updates as they become available. Signage is posted at trail and road entrances along the haul route. Trails within or near timber harvesting activity are closed and off-limits to the public to ensure safe operation of the equipment and for the safety of park and trail users. 

Trails closed for the duration are Downhell and The Hood. Other adjacent trails may also be closed when activity is nearby. Please avoid all timber harvest operations – thank you for your cooperation!

Hauling trucks will enter and exit from the Bay View parking lot and trailhead on the west side of State Route 104. The parking lot and trailhead will remain open to the public, but caution is required when hauling trucks are using roadways. Please do not park in front of or block the access gate.

Check the Kitsap County Parks Department website for updates at For more information, email or call 360-337-5350.

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