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One minute a month to make Kitsap County better8/12/2023

​Kitsap County is testing FlashVote, a new way for the county to engage the community and gather valuable input from residents. FlashVote allows people to sign up and give their opinion on topics important to the Kitsap County community. "We are interested to see if this is a good way to engage residents on current issues," said Doug Bear, the County's Communication Manager. "This is a quick and easy way for residents to give their opinion on current issues," Bear added.

Sign up at, or on the phone  by calling 775.235.2240. It takes less than a minute to sign up!

When youi sign up you decide how to  get your surveys. You can choose to have them sent by email, text message, or phone call. Surveys are short, usually 3-5 questions, and typically take about a minute or two to complete. You get a notification when there is a new survey and have 48 hours to share you opinion. Once closed, all participants receive a summary of the results.

Personal or demographic information collected by FlashVote is not shared with Kitsap County or anyone else.

The first survey is coming soon! Help us see if this is a good way to get your opinion on the topics that matter most.

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