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Public comment open on county's adopted Comprehensive Plan goals and policies4/24/2023

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April 21, 2023


Public comments requested on existing Comprehensive Plan goals and policies

Kitsap County is hard at work on the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update as required by the Growth Management Act. Public participation is an integral component of this effort, and so far input on previous topics such as growth alternatives has been very useful. At this time, staff requests public comment on existing Comprehensive Plan goals and policies.

Each chapter of the plan is available to explore online. Please provide input for each topic by scrolling to the comment box at the bottom of the individual chapter webpage. Comments on multiple chapters can be emailed to

Public comment will be combined with input from stakeholder partners; the consultant's review for consistency of countywide planning policies and updated Growth Management Act requirements; and staff updates to language and formatting. Draft versions of the updated elements are expected to be available in October 2023.

The current and past Kitsap County comprehensive plans are available online. The 2024 Comprehensive Plan update process may be found at, including videos of past presentations and public meetings as well as maps, alternatives and other information.

Please submit questions, comments or written testimony to,



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Find the project overview and schedule, sign up for electronic notifications, get answers to frequently asked questions, and view the comprehensive plan storyboard, at:

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