Kitsap County Fairgrounds Recycling Procedures

The Kitsap County Fair is continuing its efforts to recycle in a BIG way. Concessionaires and fairgoers, we need your help in this effort. All concessionaires selling at the fair are asked to recycle at their stands, as well as to use recyclable materials such as un-waxed paper plates & cups rather than Styrofoam. Concessionaires will be responsible for recycling the following: plastic bottles & tubs (no lids), cartons, aluminum and steel cans, glass bottles (no lids), cardboard, paper and grease.

Keep an eye out for 65-gallon roll carts for you to drop your recycled items into. The roll carts will be emptied by a recycling crew throughout the day. Grease will be recycled, at the Sheep Barn behind the Van Zee, near the dishwashing station. All cardboard must be broken down and placed in the designated area behind the Van Zee. We appreciate your help in keeping the fairgrounds clean and in protecting the environment by eliminating items from the landfill that be recycled.

Visit Kitsap County Public Works Recycling, Waste Disposal and Waste Reduction page for more information.

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