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​Gordon Fields

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Gordon Field #1 (Artificial Turf)
Rate: $40 per hour
Size: 120 yds. x 70 yds.
For Soccer and Lacrosse, Lights available for additional fee

Gordon Field #2 (Grass)
Rate: $18 per hour
Size: 120 yds. x 70 yds., for Soccer, Lacrosse and Multi-Use

Gordon Field #1 Tournament Rate (12 Hour Period)
Tournament Application Fee (non-refundable): $75
$55 per hour, includes scoreboard and press box

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Lobe Fields

Lobe Fields

Lobe Field

Lobe Field #1 Scoreboard

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Lobe Field #1: $40 per hour
(Stadium - Baseball) 90' Base Length, 400' Outfield Distance

Lobe Field #4: $18 per hour
(Baseball, Softball, Soccer) 60', 65', 70', 90' Base Length, 267' Outfield Distance

Included with Lobe Field Rentals:
Bullpen, dugouts, safety netting for foul balls, courtesy drag, parking

Ball Field Amenities:
Lobe Full Field Prep (Drag & Lines): $25 per game/field
Lobe Field Prep (Drag Only): $15 per game/field
Press Box (available for Lobe #1)*
Scoreboard (available for Lobe #1 & #4)*: $25 per day
Sound System (available for Lobe #1)*
Lights: $22 per hour/field
Portable Outfield Fencing: $20 per day/field (39 panels, customer sets-up & tears down)
Ticket Booth: $40 per day
* Scoreboard, Press Box & Sound System included on Lobe #1 when requested

Tournament Rates (12 Hour Period):
Tournament Application Fee (non-refundable): $75
One Day Tournament - Lobe Field #1: $400
One Day Tournament - Lobe Field #4: $300
Each additional Lobe Field: $300
Additional Hours / Fields: $40
25% Discount for Consecutive Multiple Day Tournaments

Amenities included with Tournament Rate:
Bullpen, dugouts, safety netting for foul balls, courtesy drag, parking, electronic reader board, scoreboard and sound system. Field preparation will be repeated every other game for Baseball and every third game for Softball. Water will be applied for in-field dust.

For rentals of Lobe Field #2 & #3 contact the Central Kitsap School District at 360.662.1635 or visit

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Kitsap Sun Pavilion Sports Courts

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Kitsap Sun Pavilion

Kitsap Sun Pavilion Conference Room

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Court Rates (4 Available Courts):

$25 per hour, per court, Monday-Friday
$40 per hour, per court, Saturday-Sunday

Tournament Court Rates:
$900 - One Day
$1,600 - Two Day
Tournament Application Fee (non-refundable): $75

Size: Pavilion Areas: Main Floor 30,249 SF; Foyer 1,938 SF; Cement Floor 1,368 SF; Mezzanine 3,785 SF

Amenities included with Tournament Rate:
4 basketball/volleyball courts, 100 chairs and 10 tables, fold away bleachers, mezzanine with stadium seating, concession stand, locker rooms/showers, office meeting room, restrooms, scoreboard. Volleyball Nets are provided

Entire Building Rate: ​$2, 500 per day

Size & Capacity: Main Floor (lower): 37,500 SF (150’ x 250’) - standing 7,500 in chairs; 3,750 at tables; 2,500 with 160 Booths; Mezzanine: 5880 SF (42’ x 140’) - standing 1176 in bleachers; 634 at tables; 392 with 30 Booths; Office: 165 SF (11’ x 15’); Back Office: 165 SF (11’ x 15’); Conference Room: 616 SF (28’ x 22’) - 40 at training tables & 1 instructor

Included with Full Building Rental: Electrical 5 (200 amp) - 3 phase services, mezzanine, Wi-Fi, 2 ticket booths/4 windows, 3 locker/dressing rooms with showers and lockers, catering kitchen, room dividing curtain, 2 offices, concession stand, parking lot, programmable lighting, temperature controlled, easy move in & out, ATM machine, vending machines, fold away bleachers, conference room, white board, garbage support, custodial support, set-up / tear down support, dumpster, 30 foot American flag, key card access, discounts at hotels, marketing countywide, elevator

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Concert Park Field

​​Multi-Use Grass Field
Rate: $18 per hour
Size: 50 yds. x 50 yds., Multi-Use Grass Field

Close to Lobe baseball & softball fields, near Gordon soccer fields, Fairgrounds Picnic Shelters, Presidents' Hall and located next to the Van Zee building.

Open Playfields - First Come, First Served - No Charge

Tennis Courts (Kitsap Fairgrounds & Events Center) - 7477 Stampede Blvd. NW, Bremerton. For more information contact the Central Kitsap School District at 360.662.1635 or visit

Kitsap County Fairground & Events Center

The Kitsap County Fairgrounds Events Center includes meeting rooms, fair facilities, barns, arenas, large venues, ball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts and picnic shelters. There are many rooms, halls, and arenas to host larger events suitable for parties, dances, sporting events, and craft shows.    

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
(closed on Weekends & Holidays)

Phone: 360.337.5350

Office Location: 1195 NW Fairgrounds Rd, Bremerton, WA 98311

Mailing Address: 614 Division St MS-1
Port Orchard, WA 98366 

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