Civil Division

‚ÄčThe Civil Division is the chief civil legal office for Kitsap County. Its deputy prosecuting attorneys are guardians of the law and charged with protecting the legal interests of the public. The Civil Division provides legal services to more than 57 County departments, divisions, and affiliated agencies, covering virtually every aspect of civil law. By providing advice on the existence, interpretation, and application of federal and state laws and regulations, the Civil Division protects the County from adopting and entering into illegal or unenforceable instruments and inadvertently violating the law. The Civil Division defends and represents the County when it is named in lawsuits and other legal proceedings. The Civil Division negotiates on behalf of the County during legal transactions, and helps protect County assets. Because the Civil Division is not a for-profit agency (see RCW 43.09.210), unnecessary and duplicative legal services are rare. Deputy prosecuting attorneys have legal, ethical, and professional obligations to provide legal services at a level that exceeds minimum legal standards.