Felony Division

‚ÄčThe Felony Division reviews and prosecutes all felony crimes committed in Kitsap County by adult offenders and juveniles remanded to the Superior Court. The Felony Division is responsible for all new felony cases, from initial review and charging through the appellate process. The Division also prosecutes all post-conviction probation violations involving defendants convicted in our Superior Court and provides legal advice to all law enforcement agencies in Kitsap County. The Felony Division is comprised of the General Trial Unit, Vice Unit, Special Assault Unit and the Appellate Unit.

General Trial Unit

The Felony Division General Trial Unit is tasked with prosecuting all crimes in Kitsap County that are not handled by our specialized Vice and Special Assault Units. The General Trial Unit is responsible for prosecuting felony offenders for almost every type of crime, including  burglaries, robberies, thefts, felony assaults, vehicular assaults, vehicular homicides, and homicides.  Careful and deliberate prosecution of these crimes serves to "protect and promote the safety, health and welfare of the citizens" by addressing and punishing offenders, and when appropriate providing treatment for offenders.

Vice Unit

Felony human trafficking offenses include human trafficking in the 1st and 2nd degree, promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor, promoting prostitution in the 1st and 2nd degree and many other violent felonies that occur during the commission of human trafficking related offenses. Drug prosecutions include all felony level violations of the Uniformed Controlled Substances Act.  These crimes include possession, possession with intent to deliver, manufacture, delivery or conspiracy to deliver, prescription fraud, controlled substance homicide, and many others. Gang related offenses include any felony level offense where the defendant is associated with gangs. The Vice Unit also handles civil forfeitures that arise out of the criminal cases. 

Special Assault Unit

The Special Assault Unit (SAU) reviews law enforcement referrals for charging and aggressively prosecutes crimes of domestic violence, sexual assault and crimes against children.  SAU provides specialized victim services and intensive offender prosecution within the standards imposed by law.  Significant resources are appropriately committed to hold accountable offenders of domestic violence, sexual assault and crimes against children in order to reach efficient and just dispositions.  Victims of sexual assault and domestic violence are often reluctant to engage in the justice system.  Children do not often understand how the justice system works and what protections are available to them.  SAU provides both victim support and advocacy and seeks to hold offenders accountable in the most aggressive manner available under the law.

Appellate Unit

The Appellate Unit responds to all adult criminal appeals of criminal convictions from Kitsap County in either the Court of Appeals or the Washington State Supreme Court. An appeal is a review by an appellate court of the trial court proceedings.  An appeal is not a retrial of the case, but is an examination of the trial record to ensure that proceedings were conducted in a fair manner. The appeal process, therefore, takes place almost entirely in writing, with the attorneys for each side filing written briefs raising and responding to legal errors alleged to have taken place in the trial court.  The Appellate Unit also supervises non-felony appeals, provides procedural and strategic advice to Civil and Juvenile prosecutors handling appeals, provides legal advice to trial prosecutors, assists in keeping forms up to date, and also occasionally provides appellate services to outside counties resulting in revenue.

Juvenile Unit

The Kitsap County Prosecutor's Office Juvenile Unit is responsible for review, screening, diversion, charging, processing, prosecution, and disposition of all referrals related to criminal conduct committed in Kitsap County by anyone under the age of 18.  This includes serious violent crimes on down to simple infractions.  In some cases, the Juvenile Unit is also required to maintain processing of juveniles who turn 18 during the pendency of a case or its disposition.