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Washington Boulevard

​Improvements Project

1595Tim Beachy 12/3/2019 11:00 AMClick Here Click HereClick Here

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 Bidders Responsibility

​It is the bidders responsibility to acknowledge any Addenda on their proposal. Bidders are advised that a proposal may be considered irregular and may be rejected if receipt of Addenda is not acknowledged on their proposal.

Bidders shall use the Proposal Form provided by Kitsap County Public Works for the project. To obtain a paper copy of the bid proposal package at no cost, please contact Laura Knight, 360.337.4520 or Cindy Keiser, 360.337.5682.

To be added to the Plan Holders list, click here or call Kitsap1 at 360.337.5777 for assistance.

 Bid Results

Projects are awarded to the lowest bidder unless otherwise stated on the bid tabulation


Washington Boulevard Improvements Project - CRP 1595
2017 Safety - Guardrail Project - CRP 5032
Ridgetop Boulevard Phase 2 Improvements Project - CRP 1593
​2019 County Wide Guardrail Safety Improvement Project - CRP 5034
​Bay Shore Dr & Washington Ave NW Roadway & Utility Improvement Project - CRP 3668
     Please note: The County rejected all bids for this project on June 10, 2019.
​SE Southworth Drive Shoreline Stabilization - CRP 2597
​Koch Creek Regional Pond Improvement Project
​NW Golf Club Hill Road Culvert Replacement - CRP 3690


Carney Lake Rd SW Widening & Realignment - CRP 2587
Whispering Firs Stormwater Park- 97003137 
Curley Creek Bridge Abutment Protection - CRP 2595  
​Tracyton Blvd Culvert Replacement - CRP 3666
​Klahowya Traffic Signal - CRP 3685
Suquamish Way NE Improvements Project - CRP 1589
Ridgetop Boulevard NW Phase 1 -CRP 1593
​Bethel Burley Rd & Burley Olalla Rd Intersection Improvements --CRP 2584


​County Wide Seal Coat Project -- CRP 5026
​Silverdale Way NW Roadway Improvements -- CRP 3662
Seabeck Holly Road NW - Anderson Creek Bridge Replacement -- CRP 3665
​NE West Kingston Road Culvert Replacement -- CRP 1591



​Panther Lake Culvert Replacement Project -- CRP 3671

​2016 County Wide Guardrail Safety Improvements--CRP 5030

​Glenwood Road SW (SW Wildwood Road to SW JH Road  - CRP #2555

​Fairgrounds Road At Central Valley Road Intersection Improvements - CRP #3655

​NW Myhre Road at Silverdale Way NW Intersection Improvement - CRP 3656

Chico Way NW - HMA Overlay Project - CRP #3670

​Dickerson Creek at NW Taylor Road - Culvert Replacement - CRP #3673, Stormwater Division Project No. 97003093

​Manchester Retrofit Phase 3  CRP #3654, Stormwater Division Project No. 97003107

​NE McWilliams Road at Old Military Road NE   Intersection Improvements- CRP #3654