Getting You There


In Chapter 2 of Getting You There below we talk about the cost of operating and maintaining our road system.  Click HERE to learn more about the cost of providing those services.

It's an incredible journey from the first Kitsap County road that ran from Port Gamble to Agate Pass near Port Madison on Bainbridge Island to the 915 miles that Kitsap County maintains today.  Kitsap County Public Works has been getting you there since 1857.

This 3-chapter story map helps explain our past, our commitment to preserving our existing road system, and how we plan to meet the challenges of ensuring mobility into the future.

To select a chapter: click on story map below. In the upper right corner select "History" to view chapter 1. To skip to chapter 2 select, "What We Do."  Chapter 3 is coming soon.

Getting You There”the Foundation, Funding and Future of the County Road System

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