2019/2020 Kitsap Christmas Tree Recycling

North Kitsap

Central Kitsap

  • Darrel Emel's Tree Service. 9405 Provost Rd NW, Silverdale. Free tree drop-off site marked at south end of property, near the railroad tracks. Remove all metal, lights, decorations. 24/7 drop-off. Flocked trees accepted. Do not block the dumpster.

  • Olympic Organics Bremerton. 6068 State Highway 303 NE, Bremerton. $5/tree. No flocked trees or decorations.

South Kitsap

​Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring Christmas trees to county disposal facilities?

You cannot recycle trees at the Recycling and Garbage Facilities in Hansville, Silverdale, and Olalla, but they will be accepted as garbage (one or two can equivalent, depending on size). You can recycle or dispose of unflocked trees at Olympic View Transfer Station for the minimum fee.

Will my garbage hauler pick up my tree?

If you subscribe to curbside compost service, simply remove all decorations and then cut your tree until it fits into your cart. If you don't have curbside compost service, you can cut your tree into pieces and add small pieces to your garbage weekly until it's gone. Trees left at the curb (outside a cart) will be charged as extra garbage and will not be recycled.

Why buy a real tree?

Did you know that Kitsap County is one of the top Christmas tree-producing counties in Washington? Local trees support our local economy. Unlike PVC plastic trees, real trees can be grown, enjoyed, and recycled right here in Kitsap!

Why can't I recycle flocked trees everywhere?

It can be difficult to tell what flocking material is actually made from. Most tree recyclers do not want to risk adding harmful chemicals to their soil and mulch products. If you cannot recycle your tree, take it to a disposal facility or cut the flocked tree into pieces and add small pieces to your garbage weekly until it's gone.

What happens to the trees that are collected?

Trees are chipped to become mulch or compost, some of which is used to grow more local Christmas trees.

This list does not constitute an endorsement from Kitsap County.