Recycling Exemption

Available to Seniors and Disabled Persons with Limited Income

Residential recycling collection charges are included with garbage collection in Kitsap County. The service is provided by Waste Management.

Senior citizens and disabled persons with limited income who live outside of city limits may apply for exemption from recycling service and charges. Those with an exemption will not pay for or receive recycling collection services but may continue to recycle at drop-off facilities for no charge.

To inquire about a recycling exemption, contact Kitsap 1 at 360.337.5777 or email


Property owners must receive a property tax exemption or deferral from the Kitsap County Assessor to qualify for recycling exemption. Once you have received a tax exemption or deferral, you may request recycling exemption.

Renters complete a separate application form and must meet certain age, disability, income, and other requirements.

City residents should contact their city to ask about recycling accommodations or exceptions.