Traffic Safety

Yellow Left Turn Display

Yellow left turn display traffic signal provides safer, more efficient left turns for motorists.  The flashing yellow left turn indication replaces the circular green indication for left turns at selected signalized intersections in throughout Kitsap County.

How it works

        • Solid red arrow means STOP. Drivers turning left must STOP and wait.

        • Solid yellow means prepare to stop, or prepare to complete their left-turn if they are already within the intersection. 

        • Flashing yellow arrow means left turns are permitted, but you must YIELD to oncoming traffic and pedestrians and then proceed with caution. Oncoming traffic will have a green light so YIELD to them when you see a flashing yellow arrow in your turn lane. 

        • Solid green arrow means it is safe to turn left. Oncoming traffic will see a red light and must stop. Not all signal heads have a solid green arrow.

High Friction Surface Treatment

High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) is a low-cost surface treatment applied to pavement that increases skid resistance and decreases crash incidents during critical breaking and cornering maneuvers.  HFST is composed of an extremely hard friction aggregate which is bonded to the pavement surface. During 2015 HFST was installed at a seven curve locations throughout the Kitsap County based on their collision history. There is no negative safety effects for motorcycles and bicycles.

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Safety is a significant benefit of a roundabout. They reduce conflict points where accidents can occur. Due to the curvature of a roundabout, traveling speeds are reduced, generally to 15-25 MPH, which then reduces the severity of a collision. Studies by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that roundabouts can reduce overall collisions by 37%, with a 90% reduction in collisions involving a fatality.

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Brown County, Wisconsin roundabout study.  Click here for complete study.

School Safety

County crews made improvements to school area signs during 2016. Retroreflective sleeves were added to all school crossing assembly sign posts at school crosswalks making them more noticeable. Back-to-back school crossing assembly signs were also installed so the signs can be seen from either side of the road in both directions. 

Drivers should always slow down and follow the legal speed limit. School areas can be especially busy during bell hours with a lot of activity that can be distracting.  Expect the unexpected, pay attention when children are present and be alert and ready to stop.  Drivers should always stop properly at stop signs and crosswalks.