Keep Kitsap Clean and Litter Free

Girl with BinocularsKeeping Kitsap clean takes the whole community. Many communities practice the principle of "pack it in, pack it out!" to prevent litter. It's simple! When you take food or other items out with you, plan to tote the trash back to a garbage bin. Keep a trash bin in your car for garbage, use a public can or pack it home from public spaces.

Everyone wants to enjoy the land with clean spaces and waterways. If you see a problem, please report it, or get involved with our Adopt a Spot program and join this wonderful community making Kitsap beautiful.

The County's Clean Kitsap program focuses on prevention and removal of litter and illegal dumping in public spaces.  You can help keep Kitsap clean by reporting illegal dumping in public when you see it.

Report Illegal Dumping

Public Spaces
Report dumpsites in public spaces to SeeClickFix or 360-337-5777. Reports will be routed to the agency responsible for that area.
Private Property
Report dumping on your private property to Kitsap Public Health District.
When to Call 911

Call 911 if a dumpsite is a traffic hazard or if you see illegal dumping in progress.

Adopt a Spot logo

Volunteer to Adopt a Spot

Sick of seeing litter on your neighborhood walks? You can adopt a road, beach, or trail to keep clean. Anyone can do it! Enjoy some quiet time alone, get the whole family involved or feel good while picking up litter with your friends. Become an Adopt a Spot volunteer.

Secure Your Load logoSecure Your Load

While traveling in any vehicle, it's important to keep items from flying free. This includes boats, motorcycles, trucks and passenger vehicles with open windows. If you haul trash or debris in an open truck or trailer, cover your load every time. Get tips on how to secure your load.

Not only is it illegal to drive with an uncovered or unsecured load, it contributes to roadside litter.  County waste facilities issue a $10 fee for each uncovered or unsecured load you bring to a facility.

 Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Report vehicles abandoned on public right-of-way to the agency responsible for that area. Call 911 if the vehicle is a traffic hazard or blocking access.

Kitsap County: Report to SeeClickFix or 360-337-5777

City of Bainbridge Island: Report to SeeClickFix

City of Bremerton Parking Enforcement

City of Port Orchard: 360-308-5400 (Cencom routes to Port Orchard Police)

City of Poulsbo: 360-779-3113 or

State Highway: WSP 360-473-0300

Port Gamble S'Klallam Police: 360-297-6333

Suquamish Police: 360-598-4334

Private Property

Removal of vehicles from private property is the responsibility of the landowner. If a vehicle is abandoned on private property and qualifies as junk, you can request a Junk Vehicle Inspection from your local law enforcement. To request an inspection in unincorporated Kitsap County, contact 360-337-5777.

 Prevent Unwanted Dumping

Tips for hiring a junk hauler

If someone you hire hauls away materials and later dumps them illegally, you may be responsible for cleanup costs.

To prevent dumping, hire a KPHD permitted waste hauler (pdf)These businesses are licensed, insured, bonded, operating legally and disposing properly.

If you hire someone without a permit, take these additional steps:

  • Ask where they intend to recycle or dispose of materials
  • Wait to pay full price until you see a receipt from a garbage facility
  • Ridiculously low prices indicate that your waste may be illegally dumped
  • Ensure they are securing and covering their vehicle load to prevent accidents and litter

If you suspect someone is improperly disposing of materials, report them to the Kitsap Public Health District.

 Tips for property owners

Install fences, gates or berms to prevent illegal entry onto your property.

Install "No Dumping" signs at access points to your property. Contact the Kitsap Public Health District to request signs.

 Prevent Litter in Your Area

Install a Pet Waste Station

Have a 'poo' problem in your neighborhood? We can help! By putting up a Mutt Mitt station and providing bags, you help make it easier for owners to pick up after their dog.  

 Report Litter on the Shoreline

Do you see debris washed up on the shore? Report marine debris found along the shoreline to the Department of Natural Resources.

 Get Help with Unwanted Boats

You are a responsible boat owner. You enjoy water sports and fishing, but now your boat is at the end of its life. You've tried to find ways to dispose of it, but you don't know what to do! Don't let your problem persist. Find a solution with the Department of Natural Resources Vessel Turn-in Program