Salmon in the Classroom

About Salmon in the Classroom

Each January, elementary students from over 30 classrooms begin tending salmon eggs, donated by the Suquamish Tribe, in their classroom tanks.  While the baby salmon grow from egg to alevin to fry, students learn about the salmon life cycle, their habitat, and the impacts of human activity. 

In March, these classes visit Clear Creek in Silverdale where they work with local volunteers to learn about plants, test water quality, and discover the many kinds of stream bugs that live in local streams, before releasing their salmon fry to begin their life journey downstream.

If you are a teacher who is interested in the Salmon in the Classroom program for your students, please contact the following individuals for your area:

  • Central Kitsap and Bremerton area -

Clear Creek Task Force, email:

  • Teachers in other areas -

Kitsap County; Kitsap1: 360.337.5777

Teachers: The curriculum for Salmon in the Classroom has been updated and can now be found online. Teachers can download and print this curriculum for their use.

The Salmon in the Classroom project was started in 1988 by the Central Kitsap Kiwanis Club. It is now a partnership with the Clear Creek Task Force, Silverdale Kiwanis Club, Clean Water Kitsap, Kitsap Public Utility District, United Van Lines, Suquamish Tribe, Air Management Solutions and over 30 local classrooms with the shared goal of enhancing the salmon population in Clear Creek and educating students on the importance of ecosystems.