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​Fix-It Fairs are FREE community events where skilled fixers help visitors repair or mend their broken household items and clothing.

Postponed: Kitsap County Fix-It Fairs

Unfortunately, Fix-It Fairs were postponed by the pandemic. We hope to hold these events again in the future! Please subscribe to our email updates.

 How does a Fix-It Fair work?

At Fix-It Fairs, skilled fixers from the community help you repair or mend common household items like mendable clothing, textiles, lamps, small appliances, small electronics, furniture, bicycles, jewelry, toys, and outdoor equipment.

All repairs are first come, first served. You will check-in, sign a waiver, and wait for your name to be called. You'll stay with your items while the fixers are assessing and working on the items you brought.

By working with the fixer, you'll help with and learn about the repair. Fixers will let you know if something can't be fixed at the event. There's no guarantee an item can be repaired, or that trying to fix it won't break it even more. Sometimes fixers will give you information on how to complete a repair at home.

You can bring more than two items. After fixers work on your first two items, you can join the back of the waiting list with two more items (if there is enough time). Thirty minutes before the end of the event, we will stop adding people to the waiting list.

Events are family-friendly and snacks are provided! These fun community events are open to all.

What can be fixed at a Fix-It Fair?

Most household items are welcome for free repair, including mendable clothing, textiles, lamps, small appliances, small electronics, furniture, bicycles, jewelry, toys, and outdoor equipment.

  • Please only bring small items that can be easily carried in by one person.

  • Do not bring any items that are leaking, dangerous, contain gasoline or fluids, or have a strong odor (other restrictions may apply). If an item has been drained of fluids, you can likely bring it.

  • Clothing and other textiles should be washed before you bring them in for mending

  • If your item needs a specialized part, bring the part with you. If a specialized part is needed, you may have time to leave the event and buy it at the hardware store. Fixers may also advise you on which part to buy and how to install it yourself.

  • Common repair parts will be provided as needed.

 Help out or sponsor

These events are powered by the Kitsap community! If you'd like to Fix or Volunteer at an event, please complete an interest form to get in touch.

  • Fixers: If you have fixing or sewing skills, please submit a Fixer Interest Form


 Why repair?

  • Repair is a viable option in Kitsap. We are lucky to have a community of skilled repairers to help fix our broken stuff.

  • Repair is good for the local economy. Repair shops keep money in our local economy and support local families. We want to support and grow the repair community.

  • Items aren't made to last as long anymore and it can be frustrating when they break. Repairing them gives you more options than simply throwing them away.

  • Repairing feels good! It is empowering to learn a new skill and bring new life to your favorite things.

  • Fix-It Fairs and Repair Cafes are growing in popularity worldwide. Read about the history of Repair Cafes on Wikipedia. In 2018 and 2019, Indianola Beach Improvement Club organized the first known formal Repair Cafes in Kitsap County.

 Past events

  • January 25, 2020 at Givens Community and Senior Center in Port Orchard

 About and Contact

Fix-It Fairs are a pilot project of Zero Waste Washington, Kitsap County, and members of our community.

Funding provided through a Public Participation Grant from the Department of Ecology.