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​Fix-It Fairs are FREE community events where people can get household items repaired for free by skilled community fixers!

Upcoming Fix-It Fairs

Please register for Fix-It Fairs so we can plan your repairs! However, walk-ins are also welcome.

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 How does a Fix-It Fair work?

Fix-it Fairs are three-hour events held in community spaces throughout Kitsap. At the events, skilled fixers provide free repairs for common household items.

Repairs are first come, first served. Visitors will check-in, sign waivers, and then wait for their name to be called.  A volunteer will escort visitors to a fixer when one becomes available. Visitors will stay with their items, watch the repair, and often assist the fixer with the repair. Fixers will assess the items and notify visitors if an item cannot be repaired.

Events are family-friendly and food and drink is provided.

What can be fixed at a Fix-It Fair?

Most items are welcome for free repair, including mendable clothing, textiles, lamps, small appliances, small electronics, furniture, bicycles, jewelry, toys, and outdoor equipment.

  • We ask visitors to register in advance for these free events. Registering in advance helps us plan the events and bring the right tools. However, walk-ins are also welcome.

  • We can repair one or two items at a time. After fixers work on your first two items, you can join the back of the waiting list with two more items (if there is enough time). Thirty minutes before the end of the event, we will stop adding people to the waiting list.

  • Please only bring small items that can be easily carried in by one person.

  • Do not bring any items that are leaking, dangerous, contain gasoline, or have a strong odor (other restrictions may apply).

  • Clothing and other textiles should be washed before you bring them in for mending

  • If your item needs a specialized part, bring the part with you.

  • No guarantee an item can be repaired, or that trying to fix it won't break it even more.

  • Small repair parts will be provided as needed. In some cases, visitors may need to leave the event to purchase specialized parts. Visitors may have to attend the next Fix-It Fair to finish the repair with the new part. Fixers will help visitors know which parts they may need to get.

 Help out as a Fixer or Volunteer

Your skills are needed at these fun, community-powered events!

To be added to our list of interested fixers/volunteers, submit an interest form below or contact the program coordinator at 360-337-4678 or

Once event dates and locations are confirmed, we will contact you to ask whether you are available at attend.



​Fixers are people with skills in repairing a variety of items. The fixer team at each event will repair items brought in by people from the community, including small appliances, lamps, furniture, clothing, bicycles, small electronics, computers, jewelry, toys, and more.

Fixers bring their own tools and small supplies. We provide additional supplies, food, and drink.  Fix-It Fairs last 3 hours. 

We need both core fixers and volunteer fixers:

  • Core fixers commit to attending all or most events (at least four events in 2020). Zero Waste Washington will provide a $100 stipend for each three-hour event. These people may be looking to gain experience for starting their own repair businesses.

  • Volunteer fixers have a more flexible time commitment, but are welcome at all events!

Submit a Fixer Interest Form

Student Fixer Apprentice

​Apprentices are high school or college/technical school students who are developing repair or sewing skills.

Apprentices bring their own tools or use those provided. We will provide food, drink, and Zero Waste Washington will provide a $50 stipend for each apprentice for each three-hour long Fix-It Fair.

Apprentice can be under 18 years old with permission from a parent or guardian.

Submit an Apprentice Interest Form


​Volunteers do not need fixing skills, just a willingness to help set-up, break-down, and assist with the event. Volunteers will be trained during the event.

Volunteers can be under 18 years old with permission from a parent or guardian.

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Community Partners

​If you or your organization or business would like to support these events, we welcome donations of food, drink, repair supplies, and monetary support. Donations are received by nonprofit Zero Waste Washington. Contact Xenia at or 425-625-4500 to inquire.

We are also looking for community partners to provide children's activities and community outreach tables at the Fix-It Fairs. Contact Caitlin at or 360-337-4678 to inquire.

 Why repair?

  • Repair is a viable option in Kitsap. We are lucky to have a community of skilled repairers to help fix our broken stuff.

  • Repair is good for the local economy. Repair shops keep money in our local economy and support local families. We want to support and grow the repair community.

  • Items aren't made to last as long anymore and it can be frustrating when they break. Repairing them gives you more options than simply throwing them away.

  • Repairing feels good! It is empowering to learn a new skill and bring new life to your favorite things.

  • Fix-It Fairs and Repair Cafes are growing in popularity worldwide. Read about the history of Repair Cafes on Wikipedia. In 2018 and 2019, Indianola Beach Improvement Club organized the first known formal Repair Cafes in Kitsap County.

 About and Contact

Fix-It Fairs are a pilot project of Zero Waste Washington, Kitsap County, and members of our community.

Funding provided through a Public Participation Grant from the Department of Ecology.

Project Coordinator

Caitlin Newman