Sewer Utility Five Year Rate Plan

Kitsap County has an opportunity to use low-interest rate bonds to fund a number of capital projects and provide significant cost savings over the long term for sewer utility customers. The five-year rate plan will generate sufficient funds to cover future costs associated with these bonds and projected operational costs. The full text of the rate resolution can be viewed here.

Sewer Rates for 2016:
Single Family Residential$67.98Per Month
Multi-Family Residential$54.18Per Month
Commercial or Industrial$0.096Per c.f. H2o
Restaurant$0.153Per c.f. H2o
Sewer Rates for 2017:
Single Family Residential$70.02Per Month
Multi-Family Residential$55.80Per Month
Commercial or Industrial$0.099Per c.f. H2o
Restaurant$0.158Per c.f. H2o
Sewer Rates for 2018:
Single Family Residential$72.12Per Month
Multi-Family Residential$57.48Per Month
Commercial or Industrial$0.102Per c.f. H2o
Restaurant$0.163Per c.f. H2o
Sewer Rates for 2019: 
Single Family Residential$74.28Per Month
Multi-Family Residential$59.20 Per Month
Commercial or Industrial$0.105Per c.f. H2o
Restaurant$0.168Per c.f. H2o
Sewer Rates for 2020:  
Single Family Residential$76.51Per Month
Multi-Family Residential$60.98Per Month
Commercial or Industrial$0.108Per c.f. H2o
Restaurant$0.173Per c.f. H2o