Storm Drain Art Project

A storm drain that is painted with a giant red octopus and swimming in clean blue water

Art for Clean Water:  connecting storm drains to Puget Sound

Love murals? Want to protect our local streams and Puget Sound? Kitsap County Public Works Stormwater Division manages this innovative stewardship project that allows Puget Sound artists to transform storm drains into public works of art. 

Kitsap County introduced the Art for Clean Water project in 2019 in Keyport. Additional designs were installed in Manchester in 2020 and at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds in 2021. In 2022, five designs were painted at Olympic College's Bremerton campus. In total, 18 murals are painted throughout the county!


This project is taking a break in 2023 and will resume again in 2024. Artists are invited to submit mural designs in spring 2024. A panel of judges review and select up to five designs. 

These public art and stormwater education installations help connect the community to our local water resources. The designs illustrate themes about:

  • Stormwater Pollution: Puget Sound Starts Here…at our storm drains
  • Environmental Protection: Our Kitsap County waterways are resources worth protecting
  • Local ecosystems:  Preventing stormwater pollution protects orcas, salmon and human health

Applications are not being accepted for 2023. Please check back in March 2024 for updates on the next project. 


 Contact Information

Kym Pleger
Education & Outreach Coordinator

Important Dates

Please check back in March 2024 for updates on the next art project!

Visit our Murals

A total of 18 murals are painted throughout the county. Use this map to check out our sites and plan a stroll to look at the paintings.