Storm Drain Art Project 2019

Art for Clean Water:  connecting storm drains to Puget Sound

Love to paint?  Want to protect our local streams and Puget Sound?  Kitsap County Public Works Stormwater Division is seeking Puget Sound artists to transform storm drains into public works of art. 


These public art and stormwater education installations help connect the community to our local water resources.  Artists are invited to submit their design illustrating themes like these:

Stormwater Pollution:  Puget Sound Starts Here…at our storm drains

Environmental Protection: Our Kitsap County waterways are resources worth protecting

Local ecosystems:  Preventing stormwater pollution protects orcas, salmon and human health

Five winning designs will be chosen to apply their design to a storm drain in downtown Keyport in July, 2019.  Winning artists will receive $200. 

Help paint the picture that pollutants that go into storm drains end up in our local waterways, affecting water quality, habitat, and wildlife!  

Video courtesy of the Kitsap Sun. 

Article from the Kitsap Sun, 8/31/19


 Storm Drain Contest Designs

 How can I participate?

Entries are currently closed for 2019.  Please check back for our next contest!