Recycling, Compost, and Garbage Collection for Kitsap County Homes

Private service providers offer household garbage, recycling, and compost collection services in Kitsap County. Kitsap County Solid Waste does not perform curbside waste collection.

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Recycling and Garbage Service

Every home can set up curbside garbage and recycling collection. Recycling collection is included with garbage service.

Contact your service provider for complete details and to set up services.

​​Cart sizes and pickup frequency

Recycling: 64-gallon wheeled cart picked up twice monthly

Garbage: Choice of garbage cart size picked up weekly

Customers in unincorporated areas also have a choice of weekly, twice monthly, or monthly garbage pickup.

​What can be recycled?

Download and print the curbside recycling guide 

Recyclables must be empty, clean, and dry. No plastic bags. No shredded paper.

Accepted Items

  • Clean and dry metal cans: labels OK, leave lid partly attached and push lid into can
  • Dry and flat paper and food boxes: larger than a postcard
  • Dry and flatcardboard: stickers, tape OK, but remove all packing material
  • Clean and dry glass bottles and jars: no other glass items, remove and throw away metal caps
  • Clean and dry bottles, jugs, jars, and dairy tubs only. Other plastics go in the garbage (including plastic bags, salad containers, produce containers, deli and bakery trays, clamshells, take-out containers, plant pots, buckets, etc.)

​Extra recyclables

Unincorporated County: Regularly have extra recyclables that don't fit in your cart?Add a second cart for $1.40 per month. For occasional extra recyclables, secure them in a container labeled "Recycle" and set it next to your recycling cart. Make sure recyclables can't blow away or get wet.

Cities: Contact your city's service provider to ask about curbside options for extra recycling.

​Compost (Food and Yard Waste) Service

Most single-family homes in Kitsap County can add curbside compost collection service for a fee

Enter your address into the interactive curbside composting map tool to learn if your single-family home can receive curbside composting service. If your home is not eligible, complete the form to let us know you're interested. If you have trouble using this map, email for help.

Contact your service provider for complete details and to set up services.

​Cart size and pickup frequency

​96-gallon wheeled compost cart with twice monthly pickup

​​What can be composted?

​Yard waste, weeds, food scraps (including meat and dairy), paper towels, napkins, and coffee filters

Compostable "plastic" bags labeled BPI-Certified  are allowed.                        

Learn more about what can go in your compost cart.

​​Extra yard waste

Unincorporated County: ​There is a charge for extra yard waste left at the curb. View Waste Management's rates page for options. .

Cities: Contact your city's service provider to ask about curbside options for extra yard waste.


Apartments and Condos

Learn about services available to multifamily properties.

Find the Service Provider in Your Area


​Service Provider

​Unincorporated Kitsap County

If your home is not inside city limits of one of the cities listed below, it is in the unincorporated county or on tribal lands.

Waste Management- Kitsap County

​Online set-up or call 1.800.592.9995

​City of Bainbridge Island

​Recycling is included with garbage service.

Bainbridge Disposal

Call 1.206.842.4882.

​City of Bremerton

​Garbage and recycling collection is required. 

Waste Management- Bremerton

Online set-up or call 1.800.592.9995

​City of Port Orchard

Garbage and recycling collection is required.

Waste Management- Port Orchard

Online set-up or call 1.800.592.9995

​City of Poulsbo

Garbage and recycling collection is required.

City of Poulsbo Solid Waste Services

Call 1.360.779.4078.

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