Adopt-A-Road, Beach, Trail, or Park

Adopt-A-Road is the volunteer litter clean-up program for Kitsap county and city roads, beaches, trails, and parks.

Get involved

If you, your family, your neighborhood, your civic organization, or your workplace is interested in helping make a difference in your area, please sign up online to become a Kitsap County Adopt-a-Road volunteer. Your neighborhood will look better and be a safer, healthier environment for all residents.

How does it work?

Read Frequently Asked Questions (pdf).

Adopt-a-Road volunteers agree to:

  • Adopt a stretch of roadside, beach, park, or trail for at least 2 years.

  • For roads, adopt a section at least 1 mile long and clean up both sides

  • Pick up litter at least twice a year. We recommend fall and spring.

  • For groups, have a representative sign an agreement on behalf of the entire group.

  • Follow safety guidelines.

  • After the event, submit an online cleanup report.

Kitsap County agrees to:

  • Help volunteers select a road or other area and evaluate it for safety.

  • Lend volunteers safety vests, traffic safety signs, and litter grabbing devices.

  • Provide plastic trash bags and remove any large or dangerous materials.

  • Pay for litter disposal at any county garbage facility.

  • Install a recognition sign at the adopted area after 2 years of participation.

In 2018, 39 individuals and 28 groups spent 1231 hours removing 812 bags of litter from 392 road miles in Kitsap County. Thank you!

 Contact Us

If you have questions about this program, contact Kitsap1 and ask to be connected with Adopt-a-Road staff.


Kitsap County Solid Waste works with the County Sheriff, County Juvenile Detention, Kitsap Health District, Tribal Nations, and Cities on local litter programs.