Road Vacations

Kitsap County manages right of way easements for public use on county roads. Under the Revised Code of Washington RCW 36.87 the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) can release an easement, thereby "vacating a road" if the BOCC considers the easement to have no current or future public use.

Property owners may initiate a road vacation through Kitsap County Public Works (KCPW). KCPW will process the petition and make recommendations to the BOCC. The process includes verification of land ownership, comment review from surrounding property owners, and a public hearing. If the BOCC approves the road vacation, the unused easement area returns to its origin.

Petition for Road Vacation

Policy for Road Vacation

Procedure for Road Vacation

Tax Title Property

For information regarding Tax Title Property, please contact the County Treasurer's Office at (360) 337-7135  or Kitsap 1, (360) 337.5777.