Road Standards

The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners approved and adopted the Kitsap County Road Standards by Ordinance 404-2007 which governs the design and construction of publicly maintained roadways within existing County right of way or roadways on private property to be dedicated to Kitsap County.

These Standards were developed to provide minimum design requirements for the safety, welfare and convenience of the traveling public.

Kitsap County Road Standards

Ordinance 404-2007

Kitsap County Public Works is in the process of updating the County Road Standards last adopted in 2007. The Proposed 2018 Road Standards went through two extensive public review periods. The revisions are included in the document below, which is now available for final review. A "redline/strikeout" of proposed changes to the 2007 Road Standards is also available. The final review period for the Proposed 2018 Road Standards closes May 1, 2018. Please send revisions or comments to Joe Rutan, County Engineer at Once final revisions are incorporated, the Proposed 2018 Road Standards will be submitted to the Board of County Commissioners for approval and adoption. We anticipate this to occur in June, 2018.

Proposed 2018 Road Standards

Redline/Strikeout of 2007 Road Standards

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