Road Maintenance and Preservation

The Kitsap County Road Maintenance and Operation Division is responsible for maintenance and preservation for over 900 miles of roadway in unincorporated Kitsap County. To accomplish this, the County is divided into three road maintenance districts in the north, central and south areas of the County. Each district is staffed with necessary crews and resources to ensure our roads are safe for travel.

Activities include preservation of existing pavement surfaces (Chip Seal and Paving), maintenance of roadside shoulders, roadside ditches and culverts, guardrails, and 38 bridge structures. Additionally the Division is responsible for vegetation management, snow and ice control and street sweeping.

Paving, Chip Seal, and Gravel Road Conversion Schedules 2018

Click on links below to see if your road is scheduled for chip seal, paving or gravel conversion this year. Projects are subject to delays or cancellations due to materials supply and inclement weather. Keep updated on projects that impact traffic by subscribing to the Road Report.

Paving schedule
Chip Seal schedule
Gravel Road Conversion schedule
County Map: Chip Seal, Paving, and Gravel Road Conversion Locations

Vegetation Management Program

Kitsap County Public Works manages vegetation in road rights of way to protect road surfaces, keep roads safe, and to preserve the natural beauty of the environment. Click here to learn more about program.

The County offers an owner–maintained right of way program. Please read the program materials below, including the policy and procedure.

Vegetation Management Policy Handbook
Adjacent Property Owner Vegetation Maintenance Policy
Adjacent Property Owner Vegetation Maintenance Procedure
Vegetation Management Owner Will Maintain Agreement

To participate in the program, complete the "Vegetation Management Owner Will Maintain" Agreement and mail it to: Kitsap County Public Works at 614 Division Street (MS-26), Port Orchard, WA 98366.

Snow and Ice Removal Program

During winter snow and ice events, County crews clear County maintained roads using priorities established in the snow and ice control policy . Click here to learn more about the program and the policy, how to read the snow plow map, and understand how de-icing works.

County's Snow and Ice Removal Policy
Snow Plow Map
Salt Brine De-Icing video "Black Ice Killer"
Chemical De-icing Facts

Green Sweep Program

The Department of Public Works (DPW) Road Maintenance and Stormwater Divisions coordinate in a street-sweeping program called Green Sweep. The program is focused on pollutant removal and water-quality enhancement.   Click here to learn more about the program.

Street Sweeping Operations Plan
Kitsap County Street Sweeping Map (entire County)
North Region
Central Region
South Region