(Revised April 17, 2019)


Effective April 22, 2019, the Kitsap County Superior Court judicial officers will only conduct telephonic appearances ("CourtCall Appearances") that have been pre-approved by the individual judicial officers scheduled to hear such cases.  Parties/counsel seeking to appear telephonically are directed to make requests to the Court Scheduler at JKluver@co.kitsap.wa.us (preferred) or via telephone at (360) 337-7008.  Parties/counsel are further encouraged to make requests for telephonic appearances as early in advance as possible to ensure the Court Scheduler has sufficient time to consult with individual judicial officers and provide timely responses. 

Once the Court has approved your request to appear telephonically, CourtCall Appearances are made by contacting CourtCall (not the Court), NOT LESS THAN THREE (3) COURT DAYS PRIOR TO THE HEARING DATE, and paying a fee of $70.00 for each CourtCall Appearance. There are no subscription fees.

A CourtCall Appearance is made as part of the Court's regular calendar.

All parties who have paid the fee may appear by dialing the Courtroom’s dedicated toll free teleconference number, and access code (if any) which will be provided by CourtCall, LLC on the confirmation. A pre-hearing check-in will occur five minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time. A CourtCall Appearance is voluntary and may be made without consent of the other party, and the Court continues to reserve the right to reject any request. In matters where only one party elects to make a CourtCall Appearance, the matter will be heard on the Court's speakerphone provided by CourtCall.

You may obtain additional information by calling the CourtCall Program Administrator, CourtCall at (310) 342-0888 or (888) 882-6878.