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​The Local Court Rule forms are provided in Word and PDF format for your convenience.
​Exhibit A - Note for Trial SettingWordPDF​
​Exhibit B - Request for Assignment to Civil Track II​Word​PDF
​Exhibit C - Note for Settlement Conference​WordPDF
​Exhibit D-1 - Order Setting Trial Date and Settlement ConferenceWordPDF
​Exhibit D-2 - Order Setting Civil Case Event ScheduleWordPDF
​Exhibit E - Note for Motion DocketWordPDF
​Exhibit F - Request for ContinuanceWordPDF
​Exhibit G - Domestic Relations Information Form
​Exhibit H - Note for Arbitration SettingWord
​Exhibit I - Response to Statement of ArbitrabilityWordPDF
​Exhibit J - Arbitration AwardWordPDF
​Exhibit K - Pre-Arraignment Domestic Violence No Contact OrderWordPDF
​Exhibit L - Order re Guardian ad Litem FeesWordPDF
​Exhibit M-1 - Pattern Interrogatories: Plaintiff to DefendantWordPDF
​Exhibit M-2 - Pattern Interrogatories: Defendant to PlaintiffWordPDF
​Exhibit N-1 - Petition for Order of JustificationWordPDF
​Exhibit N-2 - Order of JustificationWordPDF
​Exhibit N-3 - Declaration of [Agent Name]WordPDF
​Exhibit N-4 - Declaration of [Agent] - AttachmentsWordPDF