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Cable Franchise
Cable Franchise

Detailed description of issue or incident
8/3/20188/1/2018Lisa Moses
Wave Cable
Jamie - last test for today.  Please send to me when  you receive it.  Thanks!  Lisa
9/6/20189/6/2018Penny McLaughlin
I need a Senior Discount and cannot find forms, went to Xfinity office and they said go to Kitsap County, which is a big area and I don't know where to go and am not great at computer things.
Penny McLaughlin
9/11/20189/11/2018K1 Test
Wave Broadband
This is a test
9/27/2018William Howell
Wave Broadband
We have been very happy with Wave Cable's service. If we have any problem or question we call and get an answer immediately. A few years ago we lost our internet and phone and I called Wave on a Friday expecting to get a service rep by Monday. The call on my cell phone dropped before I could complete the request. In a few minutes I got a call on my cell from a service rep in the area who said he was close to my house and could be there soon. He was there in a few minutes and fixed the problem. The employees have a very good consumer service attitude and great skills.
Bill Howell
We don't have a cable option in unincorporated Poulsbo. That would be nice. We also only have Centurylink DSL (8Mbs at my home). Cable ISP options would be fantastic.
Mark Andrews
9/27/20189/27/2018Kathryn Schauer
Wave Broadband
why does a household have to have one or the other depending on where they live as in the area I live I only can join wave, which I find unfair. Wave has changed how many different channel they offer on different packages with out any input from their customers. Email is the best way to contact me
Kathryn Schauer
10/24/20188/15/2018Michael Burkle
Wave Broadband
I am a customer of Wave for internet and phone services only and have two issues. First in the middle of August my internet service started becoming very unstable and at time was lost all together several times a day. After contacting wave I was told that according to there system they could see no record of any service breaks or abnormal conditions with my service but, if it continued to call back and they would check again. After several more calls over several with the same response I have gotten quite aggravated. I do not loose connection very often now however the stability is still terrible. During these several calls comes about my second issue. They keep eliminating the lower speed plans and forcing customers such as myself to pay for a higher speed plan which they can not provide. I am currently forced to pay for the 10/100mbps plan which I would probably want anyway but, the aerial lines in our area are so old, they can not support that kind of service. Plus, I never received any notice that my plan was being force upgraded at my expense! The tech service worker who was sent to the house for a previous service call stated that" he had never seen lines so old still being used and I was wasting money paying for a service I would never be able to receive with lines that old." At the time I was still on the promotional 10/100mbps plan and down graded to the 5/50mbps plan. The best the tech could get at the service connection was 42mbps but only very intermittently. Wave is the only ISP available to me in my area and that is exactly the way my neighbors and myself are treated by this company. They know they have us over a barrel.
Michael Burkle
11/15/20183/1/2014There is no account-
Wave Broadband
We are the resident/homeowners of SW Camas Lane, Port Orchard, WA. Despite years of trying, the neighborhood of SW Camas Lane (McCary Heights) has been unsuccessful in getting internet service brought to our neighborhood from Wave or Comcast.
Sometime in the Fall of 2013/14 Comcast or Wave ran a line from the area of Gorst Junction Hwy 3/ Hwy 16 up the hill of Feigley road to (presumably) service the new McCormick Meadows subdivision which was under construction at that time.
When installation of the over-head line was completed, service was provided to the homes on Hudson and Desoto. Hudson runs perpendicular to Feigley and is roughly parallel to Camas.  There is a field spanning roughly 2000 feet between Camas and Desoto/Hudson. The houses on Hudson and Desoto have service provided by WAVE.
We called to see how to get it brought to us too.
Initially, WAVE claimed our street was a COMCAST service area and when we called Comcast, they claimed they share the line with WAVE. They said Comcast has authority of the west side of Feigley and Wave had the east side of Feigley. We are on the East side, same side as Hudson- so this made no sense.
We were told by our neighbors on Desoto that internet was just turned on for them and they didn’t have to do anything special to get it.  No construction was done on their road that they knew of.
When we called WAVE about this, they claimed that was because Hudson has “business” accounts so they were obligated to provide service to them.   We have two businesses on our street that require high-speed internet and one was paying $450.00 a month for a T-1 line. That resident was forced to rent office space elsewhere in order to run their business, which is 100% dependent on high-speed internet.
There is one household that has Deaf family member who requires high-speed internet in order to make phone calls (videophone).  Considering they can’t even call 911 because there is no  access to high speed internet and they are disabled, they are not able to live there anymore as it is a safety hazard for them to not be able to call for emergency assistance. 
We do not understand why our business accounts would be considered any less important or different from the business account on Hudson. We also understand that the business on Hudson was not charged ‘extra’ to have the service brought to them.
After some digging, we were told that WAVE had come through our neighborhood knocking on doors around the same time of they had turned on service to Hudson. The WAVE employee who told us this said that when they put in the line running up Feigley,  they were given a certain amount of money  (tens of thousands of dollars)  to provide it to us.  But  because no one signed up for service at that time,  the money was spent  on another area and was no longer available for us. We do not believe we were contacted and asked if we wanted service at that time. Of course we would have wanted it.
One resident business owner called  WAVE and  told them they would pay for the whole street for a year if they would only  bring it to us- after a lot of promises and being told it was aerial and should not be difficult, it still fell through.
They claim it is not feasible because we only have 9 houses on our street, plus a couple behind us. There are many houses within a one mile radius.
We have taken turns trying every so often, to see if maybe there has been  a change. Each time, we are told it just isn’t feasible for them. One representative we contacted told us it was “aerial” and would not require a buried cable. That sales representative seemed to try everything he could to get his superiors to turn on service for us, but in the end, that too fell apart and he informed us that his superiors told  him it just wasn’t feasible for them and that was final. He was forced to give up.
We have explained to each representative that has come out that we have a line buried from each of our houses out to the county road. When we each purchased our homes from 10 to 18 years ago, we each were told that when cable was brought to the county road we could just hook up to it; the lines were already in the ground.  No one from WAVE cares about the line we already have buried- not sure what that means, except for the whole “aerial” technology making the buried line obsolete.
About 5 months ago, neighbor Rob contacted WAVE and was told by a service representative it would cost around  $12,000.00 to bring in a line. Rob asked to get a written break down of that so we could discuss it at a neighborhood meeting. The representative never got back to him. 
Around 3 to 4 months ago, neighbor Nick was trying to get service brought in and was told it would cost about $15,000.00.  He was told that if they could get each neighbor to commit to service, there were certain number of signatures needed, if he could get them- they would bring it in. Offering a credit of $1,000.00 per line it would bring the cost down to around $12,000.00.  After the resident got all the required signatures, he never heard back from the representative.
Neighbor Penny called to follow up on the progress made by the others and the one who gathered all the signatures and she was  told that it would cost $55,000.00. That rep has called her a couple of times and left messages asking if she wanted to move forward with that before he closes the case. Penny talked to him once and asked him to put the bid in writing so she could bring it to the neighborhood association meeting- and maybe get a lower bid.  He told her they are NEVER allowed to put that stuff in writing and he said they have to bury the lines because of codes.
We really need internet over here on Camas lane. Can you help us?
Thank you for your consideration and time,
Very truly yours,
Camas Lane Association

You can contact any of the following who can call a meeting or relay information to all members of the association.
Linda Meyers (Rob)  (360) 731-4122
Nick (360) 536-0025
Penny (360) 932-4292
Penny Allen
12/3/201812/2/2018George Geyer
test email for account number box format
George Frederick LeRoy Geyer
12/10/201812/9/2018Sean L Barenz
Wave Broadband
I'm getting so very sick of Wave Broadband and the fact that 1) they over charge and 2) they've been having horrifically bad service quality as of late.

12-9 @ 2:30am
12-8 @ 10am
10-18 @ 1:34am
10-15 @ 8pm
10-12 @ 5pm
10-11 @ 7:30pm

In addition, they advertised that they supported customer owned Motorola Modems for their Gigabit Service.  I then find out a couple months back that they no longer supported it, forcing me to rent one of their modems, rendering mine useless.

Can't we find somewhat to get some competition into the area of Silverdale near Apex Airport and Anderson Hill Road so that we have some other choice besides Wave (which has been having horrifically slow customer service) and Century Link (which are in the stone ages for broadband speed).  It's making it to where I feel like I need to leave the county if I want more reliable services.
Sean Barenz
12/12/201811/20/2018Mark Roden
This is an on going issue, I have been charged an inactive equipment charge apparently for years. I have complained about this in the past and was told it was removed,. after recently reviewing a paper bill I find that I am continuing to be charged 2.50 per month for an item I don't have. Please help as I don't have this item so couldn't possibly return it.
Mark Roden
3/6/20193/4/2019Vince and Julie Seavello
Wave Broadband
Early March 2019 change to digital services has also resulted in a loss of channels/content from the package we've subscribed to for nearly 3 years. Initially, the subscription for our services cost us $75/month, and now is nearly 2 times that price at $146/month. The recent change has resulted in our only having access to local stations. To maintain access to the national broadcasts will have to pay an additional $70/month. This is nearly 3 times our original subscription cost. As it stands now, our services have been severely curtailed and our subscription cost stays the same. It seems unfair that Wave Broadband have restructured their subscription services under the guise of upgrading to an all digital service. Other businesses, such as telephone services, tend to grandfather their existing customers in at their current rates until they rework their contracts. It is very unpleasant to have our services reduced with no recourse. We may have no choice but to drop some or all of our services with Wave Broadband due to this change.

I can't seem to send this form with the account number. The number is 8136150130472585.
Vincent Seavello
What are the low-income discounts for seniors or the permanently disabled
Kitsap County citizens are offered a 30 percent discount (or about $5) on Limited Basic cable service (the lowest tier
of cable TV service offered) to low-income senior citizens (61 years or older) or those who have a permanent disability living in unincorporated Kitsap County. Review eleigibility requirements and download the request online.
To be eligible, a resident cannot earn more than $30,000 total per household per year. Customers can subscribe to
more than one service package, but the Low-Income Discount only applies to the price of the Limited Basic tier of TV
service; it doesn’t apply to Internet, telephone or any other services. Use the Exemption Computation form to see if
you meet income requirements. These discounts are not applied during any promotional or introductory rate.
Complete both forms and mail them to the address shown below
well here's the faq pertaining to senior disability discount wont find the forms on wave web page ask customer service they say they have no discounts
4/23/2019William J Bowlan
Wave Broadband
I am looking for information on where the process is for granting a new franchise for cable in the County.  Is Wave the only one that is involved and is the county looking at having multiple vendors?  I have noticed in cities where there are multiple vendors the rates are cheaper and the service is better. 
And has Wave fulfilled all of their commitments during the last contract?


Bill Bowlan
Bill Bowlan
5/2/20193/19/2019Randy & Nicole Schreib
Wave Broadband
I called on March 19th to renegotiate the terms with wave for the year and try to get my bill lower. The guy said that he could get my bill to 162, I confirmed with him 162 is what I will see come off of my debit card and he said yes. It was not completed by my next bill and I had to call back and was told that they had to review the tapes so I said that was fine and to please have someone contact me, no one did. So about a week and a half later I called back and they said nothing was noted to the account and that they would have a supervisor call me back within 24 hours, yet again nothing. Today with my first phone call I was connected and again had to explain the situation and was connected to a male supervisor named Cary employee number 53214. He said he would not give his last name for security reason which I can respect. This man was the rudest person that I have ever encountered as a person in a supervisor position, he told me that the amount promised was before taxes which does not even add up mathematically and when I said that did not make sense all he did was go out of his way to talk faster and over me. I  told him that he had no business being a supervisor and asked him who his supervisor was which he would not answer me and just kept repeating that he was the supervisor on duty and said I can file a complaint online. The phone conversation took place at around 5:20pm, I was so upset that I told him that treatment like this was going to cost wave customers and hung up on him. After speaking with him I was ready to cancel my service and I was, to put it mildly, pissed. No one should ever have a person treat them like this over the phone, their job is to listen to the customer, not just wait to talk which he didn't even do.....just spoke over me and kept talking faster....he should not be employed in any job that requires people skills.
A few minutes later I called back and by the grace of God was lucky enough to get a different location where I explained my situation to another Wave employee who was very nice and clam towards me and addressed my issues. She is the second phone call for May 2nd 2019 closer to 6pm. That lady was respectful and should be in a supervisor position, she is the reason why I will continue to be a Wave customer.
6/24/20196/24/2019Mark Passolt
Comcast dropped local radio stations (notably KUOW & KING) from their lineup. They did not provide an alternate way to stream these stations. WIth our hilly terrain, broadcast radio reception of these stations is poor. THey have removed an important source of local programming and news.
Mark Passolt
7/27/20197/27/2019Brian Segerman
Wave Broadband
We have had yet another major outage with Wave Broadband today (the last on 7/15/19 effecting my ability to work from home.  I hope Kitsap County seriously considers finding an alternate company when the agreement with Wave expires Jan 2020.  They are absolutely awful/rude when you make a request for service and the horrible service provided is not worth $70/month just for internet.  When a company has a Google customer review rating of under 2 stars, there is a serious problem.
Brian Segerman
8/15/20198/15/2019Kevin & Susan Corcoran
Wave Broadband
1) On Saturday, August 10, our internet service went down. We called in and was advised that the earliest available appointment was Thursday, August 15. We told them this was not acceptable. The representative then offered to put us on standby in case of a cancellation or time became available. We accepted this offer.
2) On Sunday , August 11, we called again and asked about when a technician would be arriving. We were advised that the earliest that we could be seen was Thursday again. We told the representative about the stand-by and was advised we fell through the cracks. The representative advised us that we would be getting a phone call within the next 24 hours on our service request.
3) No phone call was received, so Susan called around 1:00 PM. She was advised that nothing had changed and the appointment was still for Thursday. Susan became agitated and told the representative that whole story and advised the representative we were promised a phone call. The representative apologized for the missed call, but still repeated the earliest we could be serviced was Thursday. Susan was getting angry with the situation and decided it would be best to end the call. Susan advised Kevin of the issues she was having with Wavecable, so Kevin started to call Wavecable once he was available on break at work. Kevin attempted to call in five times and the system dumped him offline 5 times. Finally after being on hold for around ten minutes, a representative answered the call and Kevin updated the representative on the whole story. She checked and the answer was still Thursday was the earliest they could be at our house. Kevin was getting agitated at the situation and decided ending the call would be best.
4) Tuesday afternoon we received a phone call from a Wavecable representative. Susan answered the phone and preceded in telling the representative what we had bee going through dealing with the internet issue. When technical questions were being asked, Susan handed the phone to Kevin so he could answer the questions. After testing of the equipment, the representative stated is was probably an equipment issue due to connected equipment not being detected. He also advised we should of been serviced sooner since it was a total outage and advised the previous representatives incorrectly entered the problem in the system resulting in the Thursday service date. He apologized and offered some compensation for the problems we had to endure.
5) My wife Susan was on hold for an hour and a half on Wednesday, August 14, regarding the service request. She finally hung up after an hour and a half on hold.
6) Kevin called Wavecable to get assistance in resetting Susan's and his email passwords after the online method failed to update the passwords multiple times. He was on hold for 2 hours and 10 minutes until he was connected with a representative.

The main issues we have are:
1) How the problem was entered into the system and how the subsequent representatives of the initial service request failed to correct the error.
2) Failure of Wavecable to follow through on the promised phone call on Monday.
3) The excessive waiting times (1 1/2 and 2 hours) on hold to be able to talk to someone.

Account number as on statement: 8136150130035549
Kevin or Susan Corcoran
8/17/20198/17/2019Kevin & Susan Corcoran
Wave Broadband
Attempted to call account and billing department. Was on hold for for over an hour. Tired of the waiting on hold, so I hanged up. In our billing statement:

Bundle Perks, a little something extra just for our Triple-Play Customers.
EXCLUSIVE priority technical support & service phone number - connect to our in-house support professionals extra fast whenever you need help! BUNDLE PERKS MEMBERS ONLY: Call 1-877-309-9736 for priority service!

This is fraudulent and should be investigated immediately. I am on hold an average of over an hour every time I attempt to call a representative.

Under the current franchise agreement, "Under normal operating conditions, the telephone access line answered by a customer service representative answer time shall not exceed thirty (30) seconds when the connection is made."

From my direct observations, there has been no disaster or emergency in the county affecting normal operations.

Account number: 8136150130035549 (Account number box will not accept full number)
Kevin or Susan Corcoran
8/20/20198/20/2019bob smith
Wave Broadband
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8/20/20198/17/2019Bart Kale
Wave Broadband
Our current issue is we were kicked off our streaming service Wave Anywhere which stated everyone needed to register over with the “new 13 digit account number”. Our bill from Wave has a 16 digit account # so we had to wait until the next business day when the Wave office in Silverdale was open.  (Calling the Wave phone support we were told the wait to speak to someone could be more than 20 minutes—so much for “valuing our time!!!). Bart went and got our new account # 048-0453104-01 with #3048-0453104-01 being the new account number to be used in re registering with Wave Anywhere, and still no access.  Again, Bart drove to the Silverdale Wave office and the customer service folks there ( very friendly) said they would try to resolve our issue.  They said they had to do the same thing for another customer as well.  In the meantime, we have spent at least 2 valuable hours of our time trying to navigate this disfunctional process. 

I would have lodged many complaints on this online form in the past, but today was my first time I’ve known of this option.  Over the 12 years at this residence, we have had countless issues where we have had to spent ridiculous time trying to get resolution.  A huge problem is tech support on the phone and the service techs in the field do not communicate.  Since the specific details are fuzzy now, I won’t try to recreate specific situations.  But in the future I sure will.  And never once in all these years has anyone at upper management level tried to contact us to provide help or concern.  Oh, and we still have no access to Wave Anywhere as I type!
Carrie Kale
10/4/201910/4/2019Larry Dunn
Wave Broadband
Waited on hold for 18 minutes to speak with a representative about my account.  I have heard others complain about long wait times too. Wave is the worst cable provider I have dealt with.  I have experience with Comcast and Spectrum in the last year.  Both are much better than Wave for value and customer service.  I am a very dis-satisfied Wave customer, but there are no decent alternatives since DSL is still too slow in my neighborhood for the modern world.
1) You get less for more money with Wave.  For example, with Comcast you get TV channels on Wi-Fi at no extra charge. Not so with Wave.
2) Wave changed their online billing system, but you need a pass code to access which is only available on your bill.  Since I do not get a hard copy bill delivered, how am I supposed to get in the system for the access code on my bill.  Answer - I had to waste my time calling them.
Please note your form would not take my account number.
Larry Dunn
11/22/201911/22/2019James Roberts
Wave Broadband
I am trying to get service to a new construction the neighbor has service. We contacted wave back in Feb or Mar and we were told that we could get service, they even brought out cables for us to bury between the road and the house. Now that our construction is almost complete we called to get the final connections finished and are being told they will not provide us service. We are not getting any reason other then. We can’t help you. The address is 592 SW Wycoff rd port orchard wa 98367. Please help.
Courtney or James Roberts
4/13/202012/31/2019Rayford Machen
Wave Broadband
I bought a home at 7426 SE Olalla Valley RD, Port Orchard, WA 98367 on Jan 31, 2020.  Since then I've tried 3 times to get my cable connected.  Each time I'm told I'll have to pay to extend the service to my home but after asking I am provided no further information.  In any direction WAVE service is on all sides of me, as near as 800 feet if not closer.  Does the franchise agreement allow the cable company to decide they are not going to serve 4 families that are 800 feet farther than they would care to run their service?  I have two sons taking college courses while having to stay home to.  They are unable to satisfactorily do so due to the lack of broadband service while everyone around us has service.  Thank you for any help or explanation of what I might be able to do to get service to our neighborhood.
Rayford Machen
6/18/20206/18/2020Carol Evans
Called today and have been calling since  5-25-2020, when wave cable service was verified online website and by phone that service to my house is available, must be 500ft. Now saying it is a big secret and will not provide service to my house, needs to be 300ft away (Trophy Lake Golf Course [has wave cable] is 400ft from my house) How can I participate in receiving cable at my residence.  My friend lives on Baby Doll Rd which is miles away from businesses and she gets cable service!  Please help me as I am disabled in W/C and would like to enjoy cable, been waiting as instructerd for over 25 years.
Carol Evans
6/27/20206/27/2020Stephanie Parker
Wave Broadband
We live in an unincorporated area of Poulsbo and our only provider is wave broadband. We’ve been with them for almost 13 years. During the pandemic they started assessing us for overage uses on data. We have never had that happen before. We have tried multiple times to call, the phone is never answered, and there’s no option on their website to resolve the issue. Got an email the other day saying they’re going to start charging for overages (?), and that there’s someway to mitigate that, but again no way to contact them. I had an overage of $200 last month, which is absolutely ridiculous. Please advise. Stephanie Parker 360 5508157
Acc 3401-0431624-01
Stephanie Parker
I bought a home in Kitsap county in March of this year (2020). When I bought the home, the listing agent assured me that Comcast provided service to the address.  It turns out however that Comcast will not service my address.  I have gone through several rounds of customer service trying to find out if it is possible to pay for the installation of whatever is necessary but I have always hit a dead end.  Ill spare you the long story, but the short of it is that my neighbors have Comcast service but because my home is more than 200 ft away from the Comcast box it is not cost effective for them to service my home.

I was wondering if there is anything else that can be done, especially since I am willing to pay for the installation of a line to my house.  I currently can only get service through Satellite, Wireless or CenturyLink DSL (3Mbps).  I am paying for wireless and DSL service since both are slow and unreliable and between the two of them I am almost able to work consistently from home.

Before the mandated stay at home order, this was merely an inconvenience. Now that I am working from home (till Oct 2nd at least) I am motivated more than ever to find another solution.

Any help or tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated..
Kristopher Larson
8/12/20208/12/2020Anna Siebertz
Wave Broadband
Hi, I live in the Parkwood area. We are only serviced my Wave in the area and within the last 3 years, our bill has grown substantially. We were switched wothout knowledge to a faster plan that (although speed is nice), also continually increased in price. They no longer offer mid range services and nothing that even remotely compares to the prices and services offered by xfinity. Are there plans to allow xfinity to service our area? We have had a lot of problems with wave service including outages... There is no competition and there seems to be no incentive for the company to work with their customers.
The house I recently moved into is not currently connected to Comcast. When I tried to set up service with them they said they had to perform a serviceability assessment even though my closest neighbor (halfway down the same driveway) is a current Comcast customer. I just heard back that their initial estimate of connecting my house is $21,160 - a price I would certainly consider completely unreasonable. Is there anything the county can help me with here?
Cooper Ashley
8/27/20208/25/2020Joseph Kristofzski
Wave Broadband
I have attempted to contact both Port Orchard ( and Kitsap County ( regarding this. Port Orchard recommended I contact kitsap1, and kitsap1 said I'll have to resolve it with Wave.

I recently bought a house that was built in 2009:
4959 Long Lake Rd SE
Port Orchard

Wave cable previously provided internet to this house, but the technician that stopped out said the connection was too intermittent, and wasn't fed to the house through conduit. It's about 600 ft to get from the street to the house.

I was told I would likely have to pay a pretty hefty fee to get everything extended to have decent internet. Because this house was previously serviceable, is there some way that Wave has to front the cost? I am unsure how the franchise situation with Kitsap County works.
Joseph Kristofzski
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