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Junk Vehicles

4/15/2021Dwayne Miller(360) 769-09887545 E Madrone AveYesJKH
In the parking lot of Manchester Community Church
4/14/2021Lisa Ward(360) 697-469722654 RHODODENDRON LN NWVahalla LoopYeskc
4/14/2021Christopher Moore(360) 649-0038701 SW Lafollette St, Port Orchard, WA 98367Roosevelt/Miller/SydneyNo
Unable to get title for vehicle. Father who co-signed for the vehicle in 1995 passed away in 2002 and lost the release of lien prior to passing. Request a junk vehicle inspection in order to remove vehicle from property. I am currently on vacation and available 4/14 and 4/15 all day, and 4/16 in the afternoon. After 4/19, I am available after 5pm. Thank you for your support.
4/13/2021Charles Christy85 W Tahuyeh CtYesAE
Please leave message on answering machine if customer doesn't answer.
4/12/2021Dave Sorensen(360) 779-495217770 9th Ave NEFjord DR NEYeskc
4/12/2021Joanne Dantonio10736 bethel burley Rd SEYesAE
4/8/2021Elizabeth Damschen(360) 782-12952124 Shamrock Dr, Bremerton, WAKelly Rd/Marine DriveNo
Property is being sold after previous owner defaulted many years ago. This 24 foot dilapidated RV was left on property
4/8/2021Robin Meeker343 Tracey Ave NYesAE
4/6/2021Marylynn Moss Jones(360) 697-22736001 NW Lakeness Rd  (6001 Racimo Ct)YesJKH
The vehicles are located in the street in the cul-de-sac
4/2/2021Dewey Weaver13281 Lakeshore Dr. Poulsbo 98370YesAE
Customer lives in Olympia and would like a phone call the day before if possible so they can meet the COP on site.
4/1/2021Dean Church26660 Big Valley RdYesAE
3/24/2021PattiJean Nelson(360) 876-210511255 FAIRVIEW BLVD SW PORT ORCHARD WA 98367SWTerrace LnYesEP
Husband died 1.5 years ago and she has no clue where they came from. She has no title for them. She needs to get rid of them. She is clearing her property.
3/24/2021PattieJean Nelson(360) 876-210511255 FAIRVIEW BLVD SW PORT ORCHARD WA 98367SW Terrace Ln.YesEP
Husband died 1.5 years ago and she has no clue where they came from. She has no title for them. She needs to get rid of them. She is clearing her property.
3/15/2021Mark Jones(360) 509-6044933 SW Harper RdGlenwoodYesGG
no plate # and not able to read the VIN# says that he believes its a 325 or 328 the last digit is scratched off. Dark Gray and located in the driveway on some stump blocks no wheels on it.
3/15/2021Mark Jones(360) 509-6044933 SW Harper RdGlenwoodYesGG
Located in driveway; Silver in color sitting behind motor home
3/12/2021David Rogers(503) 545-11831989 NW LUCKY LN SILVERDALE WA 98383YesEP
3/12/2021David Rogers(503) 545-11831989 NW LUCKY LN SILVERDALE WA 98383YesEP
3/10/2021Philip Hanson(206) 405-074026786 Sunny View Ln NEYesAE
2/25/2021Robert A. Winters(360) 286-96792150 NE WINTERS RD BREMERTON WA 98311YesEP
He is the authorized contact managing his cousin, Ben Arnold's property.  Plate # AQV4626.  1990 Mitsubishi Mirage.
2/8/2021Tami Mathisen(360) 271-892417350 Finley RD NE PoulsboTotten Rd PoulsboNo
I have a van that is just scrap, the owner left it here and then took his own life the next day at his Suquamish Residence last year, he had no local family. Its not driveable and needs to go to scrap. I have spoken to his family in Louisiana, they have nothing to do with his stuff.
2/5/2021Charles Pollmar(206) 818-649610081 Arrow Point Drive NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110Miller RoadNo
I do not know the legal owners of either truck and just need to get them off the property.
1/21/2021Paul Gaudette(360) 876-39012483 mitchell rd seMitchell and BeckNo
This camper trailer was left here back in October and we waited until December to allow the people to come get it. Then we finely called to have it declared abandoned and the people finely called and we said we had reported it as abandoned. They said oh no we will come and get it. So they came and got it and over the weekend brought it back here and left it. We have no way to contact them and assume they probably took it somewhere unloaded what they wanted and dropped it back in out parking lot.
1/12/2021Kelsi Milo(360) 710-62575983 SE ALPINE RDRobin Pl SeYesGG
1/11/2021Lee Watson(360) 731-871214939 NW Eagles View Drive, Seabeck, WA 98380Stavis Bay RoadNo
vehicle is a red 1971 Porsche 914 inside the car tent with open end.
1/11/2021Larry Nagata(808) 938-238911618 Sidney Rd SWSW Melrose LnNo
I was made aware of a junk vehicle located on a piece of vacant land I owned since 1984 off Sidney Rd. I have no idea who's it is or how long its been there. I live on the Big Island Hawaii and have not been to the property in years. I was made aware just recently by a Realtor I hired to sell my property.
12/23/2020Susan Wymer/Breidablik Baptist Church(360) 360-9085 x474294 NW Lofall Road, PoulsboHighway 3No
The vehicle is parked on the lawn on the east side of the church’s shed, rear license plate removed, obstructing use of shed doors to remove large equipment.
12/16/2020Prudencio Matias(360) 990-41321315 High Ave., Bremerton13th St.YesEP
He would like to get rid of this junk car he bought, it is really in bad condition.
12/9/2020Steve Davies(360) 286-00784430 FOREST DR NE BREMERTON WA 98310NE Riddell Rd.YesEP
I spoke with a deputy sheriff about a vehicle that has been abandoned on my property and he said to call you about getting it inspected as I would like to claim it and use it. ***Advised the COPS are currently not doing the inspection but added him to the list for when the service resumes. He understand.
11/12/2020Christine Johnson(360) 871-69001146 Baby Doll Rd SEYesAE
Customer is needing a junk vehicle inspection
11/9/2020Rosalee Smith201 Sigurd Hanson Rd PoulsboYesAE
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