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‚ÄčAlarm Ordinance

Effective March 22, 2021, the Kitsap County Alarm Ordinance will require that an alarm be verified through audio, video, or in-person verification prior to calling Kitsap 911 to dispatch law enforcement for alarm activations.  This requirement does NOT apply to calls for fire assistance, medical emergencies, or panic alarms. 

The new ordinance also removed the requirement that Kitsap County residents permit their alarms and well as the associated costs.

Why Adopt a Verification Requirement? 

From 2017 to 2019, the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to 10,221 calls for alarm activations. Conservatively, 98.9% of these calls for service were for false alarms, costing the County approximately $220,000 in deputy time and resources. When a deputy responds to a false alarm, that deputy is unavailable to respond to a legitimate emergency elsewhere. 

The purpose of the Alarm Ordinance is to assist the Sheriff's Office to effectively respond to law enforcement needs and encourage manufacturers and alarm system users to better construct and maintain alarm systems. This Ordinance does not (and is not intended to) recover all costs associated with responding to false alarms but is intended to encourage responsible use of alarms in order to reduce the number of false activations. 

What Does "Verified" Mean?

Verified means visual or audio confirmation of emergency at an alarm site, which requires a public safety response, by one of the following: 

  • confirmation at the alarm site by the alarm user or self-monitored real-time visual or audio equipment; or
  • multi-zone activation at the alarm site; or
  • confirmation by a private responder or other secondary confirmation at the alarm site; or
  • real-time audio and/or visual evidence at the alarm site provided by an alarm company, provided that such audio or visual evidence is made available to Kitsap 911 no more than 24 hours after the dispatch of public safety.  

    There are varieties of alarm monitoring systems that range from low to high cost which will enable an alarm user to be in compliance, including a self-monitoring system where you maintain your traditional alarm system and pair it with a self-installed/self-monitored video system.  

    The Kitsap County Sheriff's Office is committed to a continued partnership with the citizens of Kitsap County and alarm companies in a shared goal of protecting the families and property of Kitsap County residents. 

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