Protected Leaves

Need a leave of absence?

Requesting a leave of absence is a quick and easy process. Follow the steps below.

To request leave, start here:

1.)    Find out if you are eligible

Visit the FAQs page to find out eligibility requirements and other important information to know before you begin.

2.)    Print the physical requirements of your job

Click here to find the physical requirements of your job. Take this, along with the forms below to your provider. Your provider uses your physical requirements to accurately assess the physical demands of your job and consult on time needed for recovery.

3.)    Take appropriate Certification Form & Job Description to your provider

Most providers don't fill out paperwork on demand. This could take several days for completion.

Leave is for...

4.)    Complete FMLA/Medical Leave Request Form

5.)    Submit Certification Form & FMLA/Medical Leave Request Form to HR

Once your provider has returned the completed certification form, submit both completed FMLA/Medical Leave Request form and Certification of Health to HR. 

Fax: 360.337.7187 

OR mail: 

614 Division Street, MS - 23A, 

Port Orchard, WA 98366-4676

6.)    HR Reviews the application and provides a designation

Based on the documents provided in accordance to FMLA regulations, HR will approve the request, deny it, or ask for more information. If approved, communication will be sent to the employee, their supervisor, and timekeeper, outlining the basic information of the leave. The ability to code time as FMLA will be opened in Workday at this time. 

Need assistance?
If you have questions, issues, or need a paper copy of the required forms, please email Human Resources