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About the Planning Commission

The Kitsap County Planning Commission is an advisory body that shall "assist the planning department in carrying out its duties, including assistance in the preparation and execution of the comprehensive plan and recommendations to the planning department for the adoption of official controls and/or amendments thereto" (RCW 36.070.040; Kitsap County Resolution 60-1961, Sec 2), and which acts as the research and fact finding agency of the County. 

Further, the Planning Commission will conduct hearings "and shall make findings of fact and conclusions there from which shall be transmitted to the Department which shall transmit the same to the board with such comments and recommendations it deems necessary" (KC Resolution 60-1961, Sec 3).

Kitsap County Planning Commission's regularly scheduled public hearings or work study sessions are held on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm. These meetings are held at the Kitsap County Administration Building, Commissioner's Chambers, 619 Division Street Port Orchard, WA 98366. The Planning Commission also holds public hearings and study sessions at other times and locations as needed.

2019 Planning Commission Terms

​2019 Meeting Materials

​Meeting Date​Agenda & Materials​Audio​Minutes
2019 CPA Update Work Study Materials
Timber Harvest Code Work Study and Staff Report
Timber Harvest Update

High-Risk Secured Facilities Deliberations
2019 Zoning Use Table Update Briefing


Staff Report - Code Amendment Regulations for High-Risk Secured Facilities
Executive Summary - 2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendments Final Docket​
Staff Report - Timber Harvest Code Work Study

High-Risk FacilitiesWork Study Staff Report
Wireless Code Update Executive Summary Findings of Fact

Kent Open Space - Staff Report
Interim Ordinance 366-2019; Group Residential Facilities Secured High Risk - Briefing Executive Summary
Wireless Communication Facilities
Executive Summary
Wireless Communication Facilities Code Update - Comment Matrix 03/01/2019 (Draft)
Wireless Communication Facilities
Draft Code Feedback Matrix (w/Dept Response)

Wireless Communication Facilities
Department Suggested Changes

Wireless Communication Facilities Draft Findings of Fact

​2/19/2019​Agenda​No Audio
Executive Summary
Staff Report/Recommendation for Update to KCC Chapter 17.530
Attachment A: Map Existing Cell  Sites
Attacment B2: SEPA Checklist
Attachment C1: Draft Code for PC Review
Attachment C2: FCC Regulatory History
Attachment C3: Preliminary Feedback & Staff Response
KCC 17.530 Wireless Comm Facility Update - Prelim Draft
KCC 17.530 Wireless Comm Facility Update - Exec Summary
Wozleck Open Space
Burke Open Space
Aistrope Open Space
2018 CPA Binder TOC Revised 9-17-2018
2018 CPA Findings of Fact Revision 2
Additional Documents - Gonzales Harless
Requested Documents & Information - DCD Part 1
Requested Documents & Information - DCD Part 2
Requested Documents & Information - DCD Part 3
Dept Recommended Amendments to the 8/17/2018 Draft Findings
Nevins Questions for the Good of the Order
Gonzales-Harless Letter to Garbo
2018 CPA Executive Summary
2018 CPA Table of Contents 8-17
2018 CPA Clarifying Edits Rev Staff Report
2018 CPA Comment Matrix & Staff Response
2018 CPA Comment Matrix Attachments
2018 CPA Draft PC Findings
2018 CPA Process Overview Handout
2018 CPA Corrections-Clarifications-Questions
2018 CPA Notes and Questions
Staff Report/Recommendation:  Public Facility Designations and Park Classifications Update
Staff Report/Recommendation:  Site Specific Amendment
18-00528 Hanley Property LLC

Staff Report/Recommendation:  George's Corner LAMIRD Boundary Adjustment 

2018 Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process
Process Schedule Public Outreach Info
Non-Motorized Facilities Plan
Kingston UVC
George's Corner
Public Facilities Designations, Parks Classifications
Parks Recreation, Open Space Plan
Affordable Housing
Clarifying Edits
18-00369 Richardson
18-00431 Ueland Tree Farm LLC
18-00490 Culbertson
18-00528 Hanley Property LLC
Planning Commission Consideration
BOCC Consideration
Countywide Planning Policies
2018 CPA Handout


2018 Comp Plan Amendments Update - Final Docket Resolution

Draft Ordinance Updating Kitsap County Code Titles 16 and 21

Staff Report regarding Development Code Amendments​

Draft Planning Commission Annual Report 2018​

KCC Amendments - Transitory Accommodations and Boarding Houses


KCC Amendments - Transitory Accommodations and Boarding Houses

2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docketing Update

Code Update Ad Hoc Committee Info


Minor Amendments to Kitsap County Development Code - Executive Summary

Minor Amendments to Kitsap County Development Code - Findings of Fact

​2017 Meeting Materials

​Meeting Date​Agenda & Materials​Audio​Minutes


Executive Summary - Amendments to Kitsap County Development Code (Batch of 3)




Executive Summary - Amendments to Kitsap County Development Code

Draft Findings of Fact - Development Code Amendments

Kitsap Golf and Country Club Open Space - Staff Report

Kitsap Golf and Country Club Open Space - PC Presentation

2017 Batch of Development Code Amendments - Staff Report

2017 Batch of Development Code Amendments - Summary of Changes

2017 Batch of Development Code Amendments - Proposed Language Changes

2017 Batch of 3 Development Code Amendments - Staff Report, Summary of Changes and Proposed Language Changes

DCD Permit Revenue 2008-2017

Administrative and Minor Code Amendments for PC Work Study 10172017

Preliminary List of Potential Code Amendments under Internal Review by DCD

2017 DCD Budget Presentation

17 02718 Staff Report​

Presentation - Open Space Application Bar M-H Timber Company

Open Space Application 17 02718 FIndings of Fact

Stormwater Code Update: Findings of Fact

Public Hearing Sign-in Sheet

Draft Mod to Title 2 KCC

Draft Mods to Title 14 KCC

Stormwater Management Program Rate Structure

Title 12 Staff Report Draft

Title 15 Flood Hazard Area Findings of Fact

Planning Commission Proposed Revisions to Title 19 KCC

Critical Areas Ordinance Minority Report Findings and Recommendations

Critical Areas Map

Proposed Code Revisions to Draft Title 19 KCC (CAO)

CAO Public Comments Matrix

Proposed Code Revisions to Title 15 KCC (Flood Code)

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Resolution

TDR Farm Focus Areas

TDR Map Farm Wooded

Title 17 Ordinance

Title 17 Ordinance Appendices

CAO Update

16 05572 Howard Open Space NOPH

16 05572 Staff Report

16 05572 Findings of Fact

16 05572 PowerPoint

CAO PowerPoint

CAO Preliminary Public Comment Matrix

Rules of Procedure Findings of Fact


Rules of Procedure Staff Report

2017 Training

CAO - Best Available Science

CAO - Summary of Changes



Staff Report

Boarding House, Fitness Center, Transitory Accommodation DRAFT



Critical Areas Ordinance Update

Boarding House, Fitness Center, Transitory Accommodation DRAFT



 Archived Meetings


If you have procedural questions, questions about the date/time/location of a hearing, concerns or specific questions on an agenda item, you may contact the Clerk of the Planning Commission, at (360) 337-5777.