Park Projects


Eagle's Nest Community Room

Fairgrounds - Electrical Improvements
Status: As of January 2019 - Parking lot lights PSE grant has been signed now waiting on PSE before proceeding. Electrical upgrades will be scheduled once an electrician is hired/contracted. Bid has not yet gone out.

Fairgrounds - Restroom Sewer Conversion
Status: As January 2019 - Work is 90% complete. 



Buck Lake ParkBuck Lake Park - Playground
Status: As of August 6, 2019 - New playground open to the public.

Norwegian Point Park - Pier Proposal
Status: As of January 2019 - Notice to proceed was issued to PND Engineering for engineer/design/permitting plans for a fishing pier near the boathouse. Phase 1 includes a Topo survey and Geotech assessment to begin January - February 2019. Preliminary pier feasibility and design to be completed by July 2019. 

Port Gamble Forest Heritage ParkPort Gamble Forest Heritage Park - Look Out Platform
Status: As of January 2019 - Completed a REI/GPC Grant for a new installation of custom-designed concrete viewing bench and picnic table at the bay-view shoreline. Project included shore-stabilizing native plantings, a bay-view trail and lookout bench and a KC Water Trails interpretive sign.

Master Planning Process - Click here to go to the project website.

Kola Kole ParkKola Kole Park - Ballfield
Status: As of January 2019 - Staff is working with Viking Fence to make improvements to both the backstop and fencing.





Coulter Creek Heritage ParkCoulter Creek Heritage Park - Resource Assessment
Status: As of January 2019 - Completed the CCHP Resource Management Recommendations and Landscape Classifications mapping. Recommendations include a Public Access and Recreation Steering Committee to be appointed by Parks Director and Commissioner, with representative from recreation and conservation interests, community members, neighbors, City of Port Orchard and other stakeholders.

South Kitsap Regional Park - Explorer TrailSouth Kitsap Regional Park - Disney/NRPA Trail
Status: Completed. Ribbon-cutting ceremony was Saturday, September 8, 2018.

South Kitsap Regional Park - Restroom
Status: Completed and opened August 7th, 2018.

South Kitsap Regional Park - Picnic Shelter, Playground & Parking
Status: As of January 2019 - Draft layouts and cost estimates are being prepared for a new family picnic shelter, playground additions and parking improvements at the north end of the park.

South Kitsap Regional Park - Perimeter Trail
Status: As of November 2018 - The last remaining 1100 feet of the perimeter trail is now complete. Two lockable bollards will be installed in January 2019.

Howe Farm Park

Howe Farm Park - Barn Interior Restoration
Status: As of January 2019 - Staff met with the Fire Marshal to determine safety and fire suppression needs for "Assembly" coded requirements. RFQ is developed for an engineering consultation and cost estimate for a water main connection and barn floor/access structural assessment review.

Harper Park
Harper Estuary and Park -  Enhancement

Status: As of January 2019 - An awarded WA Dept. of Ecology Grant will complete a final phase for the estuary restoration work, invasive plant removal and a possible hand launch boating access. DCD coordination of this combined project began in November 20018. Grant has a completion date of June 30, 2019. Grant deliverables for the park include community outreach, re-development of the picnic and parking area, interpretation of the estuary restoration and brick factory history and significant improvements to the historic clay-pit trail.