Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

Port Gamble WA 98364

Size: 3,493 Acres

Region: North District

Features: Walking trails, equestrian trails, biking trails, access to water for water trails and kayaking, parking lot. This park is a pack it in and pack it out type park

Park Notices:

Review master plan recommendations for Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

On behalf of the Kitsap County Parks Department, the Steering Committee, the Master Plan consultant team, we extend our deep appreciation to our community for bringing their expertise and experience around the table to engage in fruitful, constructive, and open exchanges throughout the process of the Port Gamble Heritage Forest Park Master Plan dialogue.

We recognize the commitment hundreds of our community members have made by attending sessions, sending suggestions through the online feedback form, and discussing the plan with your friends and families.  We appreciate the hours you invested, and we honor your contributions as an important part of the strategic planning process.

While the comment box on the project webpage has closed, the draft plan is still being modified based on your feedback. You can review the draft master plan at http://portgambleforestpark.com/ and send any comments you'd like to voice to the Parks Department at parks@kitsap.gov.

The final community meeting to review master plan recommendations for Kitsap County's Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park, was held virtually from 6:30-8 p.m. Monday, March 7 (click here to view the meeting). Please visit http://portgambleforestpark.com for further information. 

Click here to review the draft master plan.

Timber Harvest Update: Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

Timber harvesting is underway in Kitsap County’s Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park and will continue through June 2022, depending on weather conditions and operational constraints. Rayonier will conduct the harvesting and related activities inside park boundaries. Kitsap County Parks is aware of the impact timber harvest activity has on recreational activities and will provide updates as they become available. Signage is posted at trail and road entrances along the haul route. Trails within or near timber harvesting activity are closed and off-limits to the public to ensure the safe operation of the equipment and for the safety of park and trail users.

Hauling trucks will enter and exit from the Bay View parking lot and trailhead on the west side of State Route 104. The parking lot and trailhead will remain open to the public, but caution is required when hauling trucks are using roadways. Please do not park in front of or block the access gate.

Please avoid all timber harvest operations – thank you for your cooperation!

Rayonier maintains timber harvesting rights for portions of the heritage park through 2042, which was integral to the county purchasing the property.

Click here for a location map of the planned timber harvest.

Informational Fliers

Resource Management & Recreation Development – Landscape Classification System
Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park Resource Stewardship & Public Access Plan
Forest Stewardship Plan for Ecological Restoration of Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park
Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park Management Plan Summary
Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park Land Use Map
Conceptual Site Plan for Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park Trails

​Timeline of land acquisition for Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

December 22, 2017 – On Friday afternoon, a transaction was completed to secure more than 1,500 acres of the Port Gamble Forest from Pope Resources to add to the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.

This final phase of the project was fueled by donations from over 1,200 community members, as well as many local partners, foundations and champions, who came together to raise $3.5 million.  Inspired by the community effort, matching grants were provided by Kitsap County ($200,000) and Washington State ($500,000) for a total of $4.0 million in this final phase of the project.

The Port Gamble Forest property includes 65 miles of trails where already more than 20,000 hikers, birders, mountain bikers, equestrians, cyclists and runners recreate each year. At the north end of the property is a future recreational area for mountain biking. The property will be added to the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park, which now totals 3,493 acres. Click Here for the full article.


February 2014 - The 453-acre “Shoreline Block” was acquired in February 2014 - A State Department of Ecology (DOE) grant was awarded, allowing for development of a Stewardship Plan and associated activities including studies, property clean-up and planting restoration.  

December 2014 - Park Planning started in December 2014. A Steering Committee has been selected.