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​What is the Commute Trip Reduction Program and how does it affect the Employee Parking Program?

Washington State law mandates that employers with over 100 employees in a location will administer a Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program and make a good faith effort to reduce single occupant vehicle trips. One of the elements of a CTR plan is to impose a monthly parking fee to employees who drive alone. These parking fees cover all costs associated with the parking program; restriping lots, maintenance of the Prius, signage, gates and other equipment, etc. The monthly parking fees are the only source of revenue going into the CTR fund, which is a special revenue fund. No general fund money goes into the CTR program. That revenue currently pays for the monthly cost of vans, the ferry/bus passes, the current carpool incentives, and fuel and upkeep for the Prius as well as a small portion of salary of the staff who administer the program.  Below you will find forms that are needed to participate in the parking program.


The Kitsap County Parking Program offers employees a tiered parking rate based on the location. The parking map above will illustrate which tier each lot is in. Parking deductions are taken directly through payroll deduction, and can be canceled at any time.