Budget & Finance

The Budget Division is responsible for the compilation and management of the annual County budget. The staff provides financial analysis and forecasting to the Board of Commissioners, the County Administrator, and all departments and elected offices. The County's short- and long-term debt programs are also managed in this division, which affords operating and capital funding for the County at the lowest possible cost. Our goal is to optimize these programs to deliver cost effective and efficient services to our customers.


The Budget Status Update is refreshed on a monthly basis and reported to the Board of Commissioners during their normal work study session on the 4th Wednesday of each month. 

The 2020 Budget Process is complete. Departments and Offices presented their 2020 requests to the Budget Review Committee - 9 Members. These public meetings were held in the Commissioners' Chambers inside the County Administration Building.  Click the link above for a high-level overview of the budgeting process and a summary of changes.

Town Hall meetings were held in each district and focused on the 2020 Budget Process. This was an opportunity to address the Board and other department officials about budget requests and/or challenges related to the 2020 Budget.  

Supporting documents for all budget requests can be found in the area below.

​ Program Summaries

​​Administrative ServicesHuman Services
​Assessor's OfficeInformation Services
Auditor's Office​Juvenile Services
Clerk's OfficeNoxious Weed
Community Development​​​​Parks
Coroner's OfficeProsecutor's Office
County CommissionersPublic Works
Emergency ManagementSheriff's Office
District CourtSuperior Court
Facilities MaintenanceTreasurer's Office
​​Human Resources

 Hearing Presentations

Administrative ServicesHuman Resources
Assessor's OfficeHuman Services
Auditor's OfficeJuvenile Services
Clerk's Office​Parks
Community DevelopmentProsecutor's Office
Coroner's OfficeSheriff's Office

County Commissioners

Superior Court
District CourtTreasurer's Office
Emergency Management
Facilities Maintenance
Health District