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​Kitsap County's GIS data can be downloaded from the links below.  A description of each dataset has been provided.
Please read the site disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

​Categories​Metadata​Updated ​Type and Size
​Land Information System Tables
Download all items in this category [ 46.3 MB ]​​ ​
​  LIS Summary in a flat file format​​XML​​Daily​DBase table; 2600 KB​
​  Real Property InformationXML​​Daily
​​DBase table; 3200 KB​
​  Building Information ​XML​​Daily
​​DBase table; 1650 KB​
​  Land with zoning and acreage ​XML​​Daily​​DBase table; 950 KB​
​  Permits XML​​Daily​​DBase table; 3800 KB​
 ​ Date of Sale tableXML​​Daily​​DBase table; 6000 KB​
Districts and Boundaries Download all items in this category [ 17.2 MB ]​
​  City Council Districts ​XML​​Daily​Polygon Shape File; 200 KB
​  County Commissioner DistrictsXML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 1900 KB
​  Fire Districts​XML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 1900 KB
​  Library Districts​XML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 20 KB
​  Incorporated City Limits ​XML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 200 KB
​  Parks & Recreation Districts ​XML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 300 KB
​  Port Commissioner DistrictsXML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 870 KB
​  Port DistrictsXML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 870 KB
​  School Districts ​XML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 1800 KB
  Sewer Districts XML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 28 KB
​  State Legislative Districts ​XML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 2000 KB
​  US Congressional Districts ​XML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 1900KB
​  Utility Districts ​XML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 108 KB
​  Voting Precincts XML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 2300 KB
​  Water DistrictsXML​​​Daily​​Polygon Shape File; 150 KB
​Imagery, Topography & Hillshades​ ​​ ​ ​
​  2001 DAIS Imagery of Kitsap County (Mosaic) ​XML2001​MrSID Image File; 336,670 KB
  2001 DAIS Imagery of Kitsap County (Tiled) ​XML​2001​MrSID Image File; 771,000 KB
​  LiDAR generated contour linesXMLDecember 2017
​.DWG files (8.24 GB toatl); Shapefiles (4.71 GB total)
​ 3-Foot Digital Elevation Model XML
December 2017
​File GDB Raster Dataset; 3.36 GB
​  Hillshade of Kitsap County
December 2017
Natural Features Download all items in this category [ 18.8 MB ]​​ ​​ ​ ​
​  Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas (Category 1) ​XML​February 2006​Polygon shape file; 2,076 KB
​  Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas (Category 2) ​XML​​February 2006​​Polygon shape file; 2,076 KB
​  Geological Hazard Areas ​XML​​February 2006​​Polygon shape file; 2,076 KB
​  Combined Soil Type & Stability ​XML​​February 2006​​Polygon shape file; 9,822 KB
​  Sixth Field Watersheds (HUC 6) ​XML​​February 2006​​Polygon shape file; 264 KB
​  Soil Stability from Deeter Soil Survey ​XML​​February 2006​​Polygon shape file; 4,042 KB
​  Surface Geology ​XML​​February 2006​​Polygon shape file; 554 KB
​  Wetland Mosaic ​XML​​February 2006​​Polygon shape file; 2,498 KB
Parcel Base Map Layers Download all items in this category​ ​ ​[ 83,239 KB]
​  Building Footprints ​XML​September 2014​Polygon shape file; 13,243 KB
​​  Indian Reservations ​XMLDailyPolygon shape file; 217 KB
​  Tax Parcels (polygons) ​XML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 42,208 KB
​  Tax Parcels (lines) ​XML​DailyPolyline file; 26,716 KB
​  PLSS Section Boundaries ​XML​Daily​Polygon shape file;77 KB
​  PLSS Monuments ​​XML​Daily​Point shape file; 46 KB
​  Site Address Points ​​XML​Daily​Point shape file; 3,053 KB
​Parcel Base Map Drawings
​  All PLSS Section DrawingsOctober 2020
​AutoCad files; 291,792 KB
​  Individual PLSS Section Drawings

October 2020
​AutoCad file; 341,444 KB
​  Key map of section labels​May 2005​AutoCad file; 6,031 KB
​  Key map of section labels (internet edition)​May 2005​AutoCad file; 79 KB
​  Standard Section Layers ​May 2003Text file; ​24 KB
  AutoCAD script for standard tax map layers​May 2003​Text file; 8 KB
Planning, Regulatory & Zoning Download all items in this category [8,580 KB]​ ​ ​
​  Comprehensive Plan ​XML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 2,987 KB
​  Limited Areas of More Intense Rural Development ​XML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 181 KB
​  Shoreline Environmental Designations ​XML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 1,870 KB
​  Urban Growth Areas ​XML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 588 KB
​  Zoning Designations ​XML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 2,988 KB
​Reference Layers Download all items in this category [19,000 KB]​ ​ ​
​  2001 Digital Airborne Image Survey IndexXML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 121 KB
​  Shorelines Outside Kitsap County ​XML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 64 KB
​  Outline of Kitsap CountyXML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 3200 KB
​  Shoreline of Kitsap County ​XML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 5300 KB
​  Section-Township-Range Lines ​XML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 4400 KB
​  Section-Township-Range Polygons ​XML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 5200 KB
​  USGS Quarter QuadrantsXML​Daily​Polygon shape file; 80 KB
​  Zip Code BoundariesXML
​Daily​Polygon shape file; 400 KB
​​Transportation​ ​ ​
​  Street Centerlines ​XML​Daily​Polyline shape file; 1950 KB
​​Structures and Landmarks​ ​ ​Download all items in this category [169 KB]
​  Community Facilities ​XML​Daily​Point shape file; 35 KB
​  Fire Stations ​XML​Daily​Point shape file; 37 KB
​  Law Enforcement ​XML​Daily​Point shape file; 28 KB
​  ParksXML​Daily​Point shape file; 34 KB
  Schools ​XML​Daily​Point shape file; 34 KB

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