​Superior Court Department Directory


Department 1 – Judge Tina Robinson
Department 5 – Judge Jeffrey P. Bassett
Department 2 – Judge Michelle Adams
Department 6 – Judge Kevin D. Hull
Department 3 – Judge Melissa A. HemstreetDepartment 7 – Judge Jennifer A. Forbes
Department 4 – Judge William C. HouserDepartment 8 – Judge Sally F. Olsen
Court Commissioner - Matthew L. Clucas


Superior Court Administration staff will try to assist you with your requests.  However, staff members are prohibited from providing legal advice.  Many procedural questions may be answered by consulting the local court rules that are available on the Superior Court web page.  A listing of direct telephone numbers and/or contacts is provided below.  Inquiries regarding specific cases can be handled expeditiously if you provide the case number to staff when calling.


​Superior Court Administration​360-337-7140
​Director of Administration​Frank A. Maiocco Jr.​360-337-7140
​Calendar CoordinatorJennifer Kluver​360-337-7008
​ReceptionistKathy Lougheed​360-337-7140 option 3
​Bookkeeper/Accounts PayableLorraine Thon​360-337-4466
​Administrative Specialist/
Arbitration Manager

Jessica Robison

​Drug Court ManagerSamantha Lyons​360-337-4508
​Drug Court Administrative SpecialistTravis Garrett​360-337-4835
​Drug Court Compliance SpecialistJanice Riley​360-337-4509
​Drug Court Compliance SpecialistLindsey Meyer​360-337-4449
​Drug Court Compliance SpecialistKayla Henley​360-337-4834
​Staff Attorney for Judges Bassett,
Hemstreet, Houser and Hull

Kyle Gallagher

​Staff Attorney for Judges Robinson,
Adams, Forbes, and Olsen

Marcus Hauer

​Court ReporterJami Hetzel​360-337-4793
​Court ReporterMarysol Ryder
​Court ReporterBarbara Brace​360-337-4462
​Court ReporterVACANT​360-337-4461
​Court Reporter​VACANT