Nonprofit Tax Exemption


‚ÄčNonprofit organizations may be eligible for exemption from property tax under the provisions of Chapter 84.36 RCW. In most cases, nonprofit ownership is required to qualify for exemption. To qualify for an exemption, the organization must be conducting an activity specifically identified in the exemption laws. The use of the property determines the exemption. Not all nonprofit organizations have a purpose and activity that entitles them to a property tax exemption. Typical organizations receiving property tax exemption are schools, churches, cemeteries, hospitals and social service agencies.


Generally, labor unions, fraternal organizations, or fundraising organizations are not eligible for exemption, unless they are using their property for an activity exempted by law. For example, a training facility operated by a labor union may qualify for exemption as a school.


Organizations must file an application with the Property Tax Division of the Department of Revenue.  (Click HERE for the application)


For additional information, click here or contact:

Department of Revenue
Exempt Property Section
P.O. Box 47471
Olympia WA 98504-7471


Kitsap County Assessor's Office
Maxine Schoales, Assessment Admin Supervisor