Residential Appraisal


The Assessor's Residential Appraisal Division is responsible for discovery, listing, assessing and valuing residential properties, as well as vacant land within the County. The valuation process includes a mass appraisal methodology used to create valuation models for various property types.  We inspect every residential property in the county at least once every six years.  The properties outside of the re-inspection cycle are annually reviewed using statistical analysis of sales to insure the values are up to date with the current real estate market conditions.




 Laws & Rules

RCW Chapter 84.40.030 - Basis of valuation, assessment, appraisal - One hundred percent of true and fair value…

WAC Chapter 458-07-030 - True and fair value—Defined—Highest and best use

WAC Chapter 458-07-015 - Revaluation of real property

RCW Chapter 84.40.025 - Access to Property Required